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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:00):
I’m here to give God some praise, acceptance. We’ll find it here in this atmosphere. Anticipation. We welcome to the Lighthouse. Lighthouse. Let me introduce you to my father, father Lighthouse. Lighthouse. His name is Jesus the Christ. Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise

Speaker 2 (00:00:50):
Good’s been so good to me more than this old world are you could ever be. He’s been so good to me. He tried. He I won’t complain. God has been good to me, is been so good to me more than this whole world. One Samuel chapter 30. It’s been so good, my tears. Thank you. One Samuel chapter 30, verse 11 says, then they found an Egyptian in the field and brought him to David and they gave him bread to eat and water to drink, and they gave him a slice of pressed figs and two bunches of raisins to eat. Then they greatly refreshed him for he had not eaten food or drunk water for three days and three nights. That’s the back of the story. The front of the story says on the third day verse one, that the men had invaded Ziklag and had attacked David, stole all of his goods, took all of their wives, took all of their children, and David was so upset that the Bible says that he wept out loud and the men was so upset with him that they decided to stone him to death.

The Bible says that when David got to the end of his rope, here’s what I want to talk about it. It’s in verse number six, but David was very upset for the men were thinking of stoning him. Each man grieved bitterly over his sons and daughters, but David encouraged himself, he drew strength from the Lord for every one of you all who is in a situation right now and you don’t have the blueprint on how you’re going to get out of it, God sent me to tell you today that there is coverage in a crisis.

Give everybody, you can reach a high five and say coverage in a crisis. If you believe it, you ought to give them praise right there. I need your attention. If you are prone to stay abreast on global affairs as I am, one of the things that you would see that has dominated the news cycle, not just this year but perpetually at least over the last 20 years, is the constant discrimination and danger that women face in our society on a daily basis. The risk and the jeopardy that women face according to the scripture as the weaker vessel.

And that doesn’t mean you’re weak, it means that the man through the fall, which was given dominion in order not to misuse the authority, had to consider the woman to be the weaker vessel, thereby actually actuating strength for her protection. Which is why if you ask any man in here, what does he want to do for a woman? He wants to protect her and if you ask any woman what does she want the most after she says to be loved, she’ll say she wants to be protected and sometimes protected before loved. The disparity of the lack of safety for women and their fight to survive has been systematically implemented and only women can tell you this. You just can’t understand this. You have to experience it.

They’re indigenous. In fact, some women will tell you that they not only need to be protected by spouses, but it is one of the things that made them, if they had this love their father because he was a protector. Am I right so far women? Let’s put that here. Now, what hasn’t been talked about because of our societal construct and makeup is that women, what you don’t know is that men have the same need. Men also want to be protected and we don’t call it protection, we call it respect. It’s difficult for us to admit that we can’t handle it, so what we need you to do is to support us while we try to handle it. Even if we ain’t handling it the way you want it handled, it’s going to be good in here today, y’all just holler at your boy and so there is no evidence in our societal makeup for the protection of men. We have the reauthorization of protection of Women’s Act from 2013, but show me where the act is. And I’m not talking about black men, I’m not talking about minority men. I’m just saying men specifically whether that man be Latino, whether that man be Asian, whether that man be Caucasian, whether that man be African-American. Where is the protection act for men? There are none. They have protection acts for wolves, but not men.

You can’t kill a bear without a license, but you can kill a man without one. Come on, talk to me. And just because it is typically assumed that a man can protect himself doesn’t mean he doesn’t need protection. In fact, sometimes it means that a man also needs protection because listen to me in our society, a man’s reaction to danger is almost as dangerous as the danger itself. If you are out to eat with your family and an assailant comes into the room and poses a threat, then when the man reacts to the danger, then here’s the conversation. Did he have to do all of that? Because even in our responses, there are boundaries set as to what a man can do. Now, this isn’t a sermon about feminism or masculinity, it is actually a message about symmetry in the fact that while we debate in the halls of Congress whether men should be protected or whether women should be protected, my assumption and thought process is that we all need protection.

And then God says, let me just set the record straight. Galatians three and 28, there is neither no more male or female, no more bond slave or free, no Jew nor Gentile. For in the eyes of God we’re all equal. We are all one in Christ. Everybody say we’re one in Christ. So why am I discussing this? Because all of what I am speaking about is nestled in this one chapter, one chapter that after I finish it, you will understand David from a different perspective. The Bible says that there were a group of people called the Amalekites and one of their chief motives of survival was to harass the children of Israel. And let me tell you very early, there is a group of people or persons that the enemy has assigned to you specifically.

If you’ve noticed there is one kind of person that you struggle with. No matter how much you grow, care how much you grow. You can’t never, ever get along with somebody who’s ungrateful. I don’t care how much Holy Ghost you got in you, you can’t deal with people who are entitled, I don’t care how much you grow. Come on, talk to me. Now, I don’t know what group, but how many of you all know the enemy knows your weaknesses and he has a group of people or a person assigned to that weakness? Because whenever there is a person assigned to your weakness, you are always focused on the weakness and you never get to the strength. And when you are in your weak state, you make decisions that don’t compliment the strength that God has given you since you were born and formed in your mother’s womb. If I’m talking to somebody, somebody say, go deeper. These people were assigned to them and let me tell you, r p Smith says they were every man’s enemy. These people were a group of people who had an aversion towards peace. And this is why you got to be careful because when you love peace and your enemy does not, you will get tired before they will because they don’t look for peace, they don’t need peace and they will be peaceful by making sure.

This is why the Bible says resist the devil and he will flee. You will never get rid of the cats on the porch as long as you keep feeding them the bread. What am I saying? Every time you respond, you just made them full. Ain’t nobody going to pass up a free meal. It is our inability to be patient and to abstain from reaction that keeps the enemy on our porch and in our lives and in our relationships because sometimes you have to starve a situation with kindness, not feed it with fear. Who am I talking to in this room so far?

So these people didn’t want peace, David did, but they kept attacking David over and over and over and over again. In fact, the Bible says that when they came out of Egypt, pastor Torrance, the Alcotts was waiting right there to attack him and soon as they came out of bondage, they were attacked. In fact, the Bible says that when they attacked them, the Bible says they came up from the rear of the camp. Watch this, and the scripture says that they attacked the weak and the feeble first says faint in the scripture, but in other words, they looked for the ones who were weakest and they passed over those who were strong in the Lord. They looked for people who were isolated. They looked for people who said, I don’t need nobody. You got me. They looked for people who said, I got this by myself.

I’m a loner. I’m an introvert. I got this. I don’t need anybody. I don’t need people. Every time I get around people, they don’t do nothing but hurt me, so I’m just going to stay to myself. You see, you got to understand, look at how your reaction is the setup for his counteraction. And so he’s looking for the isolated looking for the weak because he is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour and he’s always looking for the weak in the feeble and the Bible says that he came up from the rear and he attacked the weak in the feeble first. Are you listening to me? That’s in Deuteronomy 25 and 18 and then he attacked them so badly. Here’s what the Bible says in Exodus 17 and 14. The Bible says that God was so upset with the Amalekites attacking them from the rear and the feeble and the weak first.

Watch this. God says in Exodus that I’m so angry with the Amalekites that I am going to erase their memory from under the heavens. You better hear what I’m about to tell you because while you’re out here on the internet clapping back and while you in somebody’s dmm trying to get your point across and while you putting people’s business in the street trying to deal with your enemies, you don’t understand that God can’t make a way if you keep getting in the way. Can I help somebody in this place today? Just tell your neighbor, can you get out of God’s way? God says, I’m about to produce the miracle, but I don’t need you involved in the process because when the earth does the forensic evidence about who provided the miracle, I don’t need your fingerprints on my blueprints. God help me in this place today touch your name and say get out of the way, out the way.

God knows that I’m about to give you something online, lighthouse nation and everybody in the room. The Lord told me to tell you that anybody who takes advantage of your weakness will not win. I’m going to say that on this side. God says, I will never give the victory to somebody who took advantage of your vulnerability. You don’t have to fight for yourself. Here’s what the scripture says, Phil, stand still and see what it should say is if you stand still, you will see the salvation of the Lord. You can’t see the salvation of the Lord, it’s because you’re on the move trying to solve it yourself. When you are weak, that’s when I become strong and I will never give the victory to anybody who attacks you in your vulnerability.

Did you hear what I said? I understand In the natural mama taught you, if they hit you, hit you back, hit them back, but that don’t work in the kingdom, in the natural, if they hit you, you hit them back in the spiritual. If they hit you, you pray because your natural reactions does nothing for the supernatural. Oh God, I’m going to talk today. I’m trying to show you how get coverage in a crisis. In this conversation you’ll discover that David and his men were away at battle. Everybody say they were away. They were away. And while the men were away, the Amalekites knew where they were and they attacked. And this is why you must understand is that nobody knows where you are and what you’re doing better than an enemy.

They looking at your Instagram now. That’s why you better stop posting where you actually are and you better post where you just left. You listening to me. They knew where they were. David and the men, they’re gone Sarge. So he says, all right, we’re going to go in and we’re going to go attack them because the women, they’re the weaker vessel. They don’t have any weapons, they don’t have any war experience. So the Bible says that they came into Ziglar, burned the city down to the ground, destroyed the crops, burned the houses down and watch this. They didn’t kill anybody. They took the wives and the sons with them. I’m about to help somebody. They didn’t kill ’em. They took them because they knew that they had usage for where they were going. You better be careful about the things in your life. You leave unguarded because somebody going to come and take what you got and put it to use.

Y’all better hear me and you’re going to be out here talking about God. They left me. God going to say no. You left ’em unguarded. God, they broke my heart. No, you were too busy trying to hold a grudge to prove a point and was too mean to say I’m sorry. And so you left it unguarded and now somebody has what you wanted but you didn’t act like you wanted it when you had it and now it’s in somebody else’s house. You’re talking about they took it from me, it ain’t yours if you won’t guard it, oh y’all not here. Touch on them and say guard your stuff, guard your stuff and lemme tell you what. You need to guard your mind. You need to guard your confidence. You need to guard your security. You need to guard your sense of self-worth. You better stop letting people walk in your life and burn your city down. You better put some guards at the front of the gate and let every devil know if you’re going to come in here, you’re going to have to put up a fight because I prayed before you came. I fasted before you showed up and I got to worship that will make sure that I win the war. Do I have any worshipers in here that’ll touch three or five people to say praise is my weapon.

Pastor warn they went to sleep free. Woke up slaves look at how fast life can change. See, this is why you ain’t got time to be around here holding grudges. Do you know that you are around here mad at somebody and you could get hit by somebody and be a paraplegic in five minutes and you sitting around here mad like you got all year to get over it. Cancer could be forming in your body at this moment and you are around here with your nose stuck up mad at somebody about something ain’t worth a hill of beans. In fact, I’m going to give you about 10 seconds to shout who the son sets free is free indeed. I need all of the free people in the room today to say I’m not going to hell because I’m mad I’m not about to be sick because I’ve got an attitude. I’m got coverage for this crisis.

My sister called me the other day. She said, brother, well, she texted me and my wife in a group text. She said, brother, sister, guess what? I said, what? She said, somebody stole my car from in front of my house and number one, that’s a violation of privacy. What do you think my response to her was? I didn’t say, oh, I’m sorry for you. You know what I said? You got gap insurance because when you got insurance, you ain’t got to worry about what the devil took, but you just can’t have insurance. You got to have gap insurance. What am I saying? What you going to do in between what happened and what God’s going to do? Slap somebody, say I’m in the gap right now. Some of y’all going to sit there and complain and be upset and be angry, but as for me in my row, we’re going to worship in the gap. Snap. Somebody say, I got a gap worship right now. I’m going to worship until my husband shows up. I’m going to worship until my wife shows up. I’m going to worship until the miracle arrives.

I said, you got gap insurance? She said, yeah. I said, don’t worry about it because eventually if they can’t find it, it’s going to be a total loss and now you going to have a better car than the one that the enemy stole. Y’all ain’t talking to me. What if I came to tell you sometime God sends the devil to take so he can get you what he wants you to have somebody slap at your neighbor. Say, I got some new stuff with my name on it. Guess what? If you can take it, it ain’t mine. Matter of fact, if your car ain’t paid for, it still belongs to the bank. Let ’em take it.

They took the bank card. I texted her, I said, you still walking? She said, no, I got a rental car. You know the coverage covers that too. Oh, y’all ain’t here with me. Said God. He got a clause in there and say, you know what? While I’m working on this, I’m going to let you use that. You don’t hear me. I’m going to pay your bills without a job. I’m going to give you peace. That’s a pastor of all understanding. Snap your name and say, I got coverage for my Christ. They burned the city to the ground, burn the city to the ground, took the women and wives and the sons and the daughters and when David and his men got back to Zig la, they found their homes destroyed.

Now, any men in here, you just imagine walking in your house where your family lays their head and knowing now not only do I have to protect them from what actually happened, I have to protect them from what they may think will happen. The city’s burnt down, the cattle are dead, the crops are gone. The women and the sons and daughters are gone, and the Bible says that the men cried out. Jj, you know this Sarge, every man in here, brother sharp, a man will cry, but you got to hurt him for him to cry out loud.

Oh, because see the whole time, this is what we thinking. Can’t let you see him coming down my eyes. A man will go in the closet and scream and then come out to you and tell you, oh, everything’s good. A man will go in the backyard, take a baseball bat and beat his own garbage can and then come back in and say, oh, I’m good. But when a man lets you see him cry out loud, when he lays his head on your shoulder and scream and you see snot coming out of his nose, it means that he has run up on a problem that he cannot solve.

And this is only the caveat to what happens next because what happens next is the Bible says that the men have now decided to stone David to death. Now here’s the problem, me and you’re going to have to help me on this because in one Samuel 18 the Bible says that when Saul presented David to the men, they were well pleased and accepted him. And now one mistake later everybody’s gone because lemme tell you something about men and how we need to be protected. We just need to know, can you accept a mistake without making us feel vulnerable and bad Because of all of the times we have opened the door, you’re going to bring up the one time, I forgot, I have brought you out of battle after battle after battle and I messed up this time and now you want to stone me to death and let me just show you why men are struggling with this because in the Bible, the Bible says that when the woman was caught in the act of adultery and she was about to be stoned to death, Jesus showed up and made them drop the rocks.

Where is Jesus for the men unprotected. There was no climactic drama in the text that says anybody showed up and made anybody put the stones down in David’s account. Come on wimy, y’all say better. Y’all say man, more than that on Mother’s Day.

Why isn’t Jesus bending down in the sand and writing in the dirt with his finger saying he who is without sin cast the first stone and why isn’t David protected men? Let me tell you what you’re going to have to learn to do. You’re going to have to learn to do what David did. The Bible says that David encouraged himself. Brother, look at me. You going to have to learn to have your own relationship with God. And when I say give God praise, this room shouldn’t just be filled with the screams of women. There ought to be some men in here that ought to be able to roar like a lion and say, every time I turn around, God blessed me too. Do I have any men in this room that will set this house on fire because God has been good to you?

Look down your row and tell it man. You’re going to have to encourage yourself. Ain’t no support group for you bro. Ain’t no commercial for you. They not going to have no commercial for you tiptoeing through the lilies and the wind blowing and half flow, you ain’t getting none of that. Every commercial you in, you dying. Look at the men commercials. Ever had your prostate swollen, ever felt like you was losing your mind, ever felt like he was going to have a heart attack? Take this pill. Side effects dies two days later. Women commercials, there’s five of them walking and skipping all even when they die, ever had breast cancer, but it’s going to be amazing because everything’s going to work out, all right?

Watch it when you get home. So you going to have to learn how to encourage yourself and the reason why that’s difficult for men is because we’re so out of tune with our emotions that we can’t even be there for ourselves. So what you going to do? You going to keep crying about what they did to zig lag? Come on and you’re going to keep talking about I don’t know how to treat women. I ain’t have a daddy. Are you going to figure it out? What you going to do? Are you going to keep talking about I ain’t had nobody there for me so I’m just the way I am? Or are you going to do the hard work and look in the mirror and say, I’m disgusted with you.

Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and do your best to bounce back and recover from what the world has done to you. Because David said, Lord, I got a question for you. He said, now this is every man. Can I put it in Ebonics? Should I get him? He said, Lord, Lord, straight up dog, because I’m about to man, bro, what you want me to do? If you don’t tell me what to do, I’m about to go. Come on fellas. Y’all know how we talk so y’all don’t understand what be going on in our mind. We crazy too. Y’all ain’t the only ones crazy. We crazy too. You think women could get together and you can plot? Lemme tell you something, A two crazy men can blow the whole world up too. Don’t you ever get it twisted like God, should I get ’em now?

Now watch this, watch this. I’m about to help you. Before he asked God should he go after his enemies, he said, where is the priest? Somebody go find Abby Ather. Why? Because in his possession he has something called the eod and the EOD was a garment of priestly robe and find linen and stones that they were put on when they got in the presence of God and began to pray. Where are the praying men? I know we got men that know how to make money, but where are the men that’ll say, father, I stretch my hand to thee. Let me tell you something, you want a good woman? Don’t take her to steak 48, take her to the altar. Let me tell you something. There is something sexy about a man that will grab his woman and his children and bring them down to the altar and say, if God don’t help me, I can’t hold my peace.

You trying to lose weight, you better gain prayer. The Bible says he started to pray and there is evidence that David has not prayed in 18 months and I guarantee you that there is a man in this house or a man watching me online right now that when you got back and found your city burned down, the first thing you stopped doing was praying. Mail ego and pride made you even feel like you didn’t need God. You became God in your own sight. How you going to be the king and don’t pray. How you going to be the man of the house and ain’t never had a prayer meeting? I’m talking to you. How you going to be the man at the house and you don’t leave prayer at the dinner table? How you going to be the man at the house and tell, put that fork down before we go to the Lord?

He prayed first and then he encouraged himself because there is something about the marriage between praise and prayer and here’s why the church has lost its power is because we put all of the onus on the praise, but if I know my Bible, this shall be called of all nations the house of prayer. We got all of these praise warriors. We ain’t got no prayer warriors. Everybody think that praise is the answer to everything and it is one of the solutions, but every once in a while you got to go down on your knees and you got to say, father, I need you to help me psychologically, emotionally, and if you don’t know what to say, there is a songwriter that says that he understands the language of a groaner. Sometimes all you can say is, God, I need you to do something for me. I need you to help my household. I need you to help my finances. Somebody ought to begin to groan in the spirit right now and who the son sets free.

If you just have a praised life and you don’t connect it to your prayer life, you will never have a free life. That is why Jonah stayed in the whale so long. He prayed night after night, but it wasn’t until he began to praise God that the Bible says that the whale threw him up on dry land. Why? Because when I take my prayer and my praise and put it together, whatever’s holding me got to let me go. I’m about to help somebody in here right now. I dare you right now to open up your mouth and slap your neighbor and say this next prayer and this next praise is going to set my whole house free.

Let me find the right group in here. Let me find the right group. I need two of y’all to grab hands and say I’m going to pray and you praise and on the count of three, after I pray and you praise, I’m decre and the clam that everybody you connected to is going to be free. Your money about to get free, your body is about to get free. Your health is about to be released. Open up your mouth and pray and pray. I can’t hear y’all. That’s the kind of prayer that you praise to make sure that you can pay your credit card bill. That sounds like I want grocery money praise, but I’m talking about when the devil comes up on you and when the enemy has come up on you like a flood, the Lord will raise up a standard. I need somebody to raise up a standard and begin to praise God in this place. What is a standard? A standard is a flag that says that I won the battle at this position.

Somebody shout, this is the year of manifested promises. Death in life is in the power of my tongue. I speak life, I speak wholeness. I speak healing. I speak deliverance. If you believe it, shouty ass, I don’t have to run around here like I’m uncovered. I got coverage in the crisis. I do the praying and the praising. God takes care of the predicament. Watch this. He says, Lord, what want me do with these fools? This is why I love God. God said, get ’em. He said, go after him. Watch this. And he said, when you get there, I’m going to make you a promise.

You shall recover it all. Touch your name and say, I’m not just going to get some of my promises. I’m going to get everything the devil stole from me. I need somebody to lift up your voice in this place. I need somebody to put fire in the chat. I’m here to tell you you shall recover it all. Now shout like You got it, pat. I can’t hear nobody. I said, I can’t hear nobody open up your mouth and shout, shout somebody. Shout. I’m going to get it back. I’m going to get it back. I’m going to get it back high five, five people and say I’m going to get it back. I’m going to get it back. I’m going to get it back. I might not get it back from you, but I’m going to get it back. I might not get it back from who took it, but I’m going to get it back. I might not get it back this day, but I’m going to get it back this year. I might not get it back this month, but December ain’t going to get here. Before I get it back, you better shout like you understand that you got coverage in a crisis.

Somebody shout, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine. Y’all hear me up there. Y’all shout it’s mine. What God has for me is for me, which means even when they take it from me, they’re going to have to deliver it back to me. Oh God, I’m telling you, you better stop crying about what you lost and you better start crying out to God about what he’s about to give you. I told you before, you can’t lose your mind over the house they took you going need your mind for the house God’s about to give you. You can’t lose your mind over the man that left you. Your husband going to need your mind. You better go get it back.

The Bible says this is a big scripture for you to write down. If you are a devotional reader and you need scriptures to keep you encouraged during the week, I’m about to give you one that you probably have never read that you need to read every day. The Bible says in Hebrews 12 and 10, come on in Hebrews 12 and 10, the Bible says that men will discipline us as they see fit, but God disciplines us for our prophet. Did you hear what I just said? That the people in your life who can’t stand you, they’re disciplining you for a reason. God says they can have whatever reason they want, but I’m going to make sure that whatever you go through pays you me. He’s saying that I disciplined you for one reason and one reason. Profit.

Now, this is why I don’t try to avert crises because every problem I have has to pay me and the reason why your paycheck is so low is you don’t want no problems. The prophet is in the problem and the bigger problem you can solve the more they’re going to have to pay you. So when you go to work and you looking for the job where there is nothing to do and you can get a nap and kick your feet up, no wonder you don’t get paid what you want to get paid because nobody pays you to sleep not well. They pay you to solve a problem, find out what problem you can solve and you’ll never be broke again.

The politicians that we elect are those we believe that can help us solve the problem. Yes ma’am. Do you know what makes you valuable to God being an answer? If you can construct your life in such a way where you can answer a problem, people will not be able to resist you, but when you are the problem come, people can’t stand being around you. I’m telling you right now, when all you do is complain, this is what people say when you come here, oh Lord Jesus, it is negative. Heifer come. I’m telling you right now, this thing. Hey girl, how you doing man? That’s why all we do is complain. Why this ain’t clean? Why it ain’t clean, why this? That’s why when you come home, everybody’s scattered like roaches.

This is what the women and the children doing. They see you coming up on the ring camera. Here come daddy, go upstairs. I didn’t even know you was coming. You home early. You hungry the dog like, oh, you know how David cashed that insurance check? He encouraged himself in the Lord. Watch this. Encourage in the Greek means to make strong, you’re going to have to make yourself strong even when you don’t feel strong. Encourage himself and the Lord don’t mean he was like, oh, come on David, come on David. It meant David was like, you can do this.

You’re not a victim. You’re better than that. To whom much is given, much is required. He made himself strong. Are you listening to me? He binding up his weaknesses and said, I don’t care what I have to do. This crisis will not break me because I’m covered. It was already decided that David was going to win this battle even before the battle started. Can I tell you, it is when you’re feeling low that you have to give your highest praise. When you praise God when your bills are paid and here you are reposting these quotes because you got your insurance check and you got your tax return money. God is good, but why you don’t post that in November when it’s getting dry?

You can always tell when somebody broke up with somebody. You can just read their posts. This is the year that I love me. This is the year where I care about me. Oh, oh, it’s you now. Then you get a boo. Oh God is just blissful and the stars are amazing and God is awesome, but I’ve learned to be content in whatever state I’m in. That means God is good when you got to sign those divorce papers and he’s also good when you’re signing a marriage certificate. It’s the same God back then. He’s the same God right now.

David, I’m going to give him a high praise. I’m going to make sure that my response and my trouble don’t sleep in the same bed. If you ever allow your response and your crisis to marry each other, you will be negative in your sponsors. You have to always make sure that your response is higher than your situation. That’s why the Bible says think on these things. You can never feel good when you keep your mind at the level of the crisis and how difficult is it to elevate your thinking when something low is happening to you?

David said, I’m going to make myself do it. I’m going to make myself do it Now listen how hard it is. How many of y’all started off the year and said, I’m going to work out. This going to be my year. I’m getting fine girl dog, I’m going to get swollen this year. You said that on the first you went to the gym on the first, the third and you ain’t been back since. Now I want to see if I can get some honest people in here who made a New Year’s resolution to work out and do a diet and it’s already over. Raise your hand. Look around. These are the only people who got enough courage. You sitting next to a good liar right now in church. They lying. Now some of ’em say, I ain’t lying because I ain’t make that promise. I’m going to eat whatever I’m going to eat, so one thing I promise you is I’m going to eat. If they don’t like me the size I am, they can beat they feet and get out of my face.

So is y’all. That’s the kind of saint we got in the house today. Okay, I got you. David said, I’m going to encourage myself and the Lord and I don’t need nobody in my life to praise with me because I’m going to do this myself. I can’t rely on your emotions to make my decision. You can want to stone me, but I got coverage. Watch what happens. This is the part of the scripture that everybody overlooks. This is why I read verse 11 and 12. First David said, y’all can do what y’all want to do. I’m I’m going to get my stuff. It is mine and I’m going to get it. 600 men said, we going with you. Look at this. What y’all doing now you’re going to stone me or you’re going with me.

He said, all right, 600 men go with ’em. They got to a brook and 200 of the men said, David, this is as far as we can go, bro. Then the Lord gave me a revelation. How many of y’all have been trying to figure out how to get people out of your life without hurting their feelings? I’m about to tell you how. Who need my help right now? I’m about to give you a million dollars worth of gain for 9 99. Y’all better hear your boy. You don’t have to exit or execute anybody out of your life. People will leave you when you decide to pursue something that doesn’t mean anything to them.

If you up your goals and pursue something they don’t have the courage to pursue, you won’t have to ask them to leave. They will leave you go after something different. As long as you keep going after things that are comfortable, you will have a big group of worthless people, but when you decide I’m going after something that requires fasting and praying and discipline, 33% of his group made their own decision based on what he decided to pursue. Listen to me. The reason why tired people keep up with you is because you ain’t pursuing nothing. If a tired person can keep up with you, it means you moving too slow.

You can’t be tired and work at this church. You can’t be tired and keep up with us. They will tell you, we work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. We work every day because we’re pursuing the Lord’s agenda. I don’t hire nine to fives. I hire pursuers. Anybody on our staff, you can call anytime of the day we get answers. That is not true in most organizations. No, no, people will not. You won’t answer. If your boss call you Saturday, you’re going to be like, Uhuh, Uhuh, I’m off. I’m off.

That’s because y’all ain’t pursuing the same thing. He pursuing a business, you pursuing a check? Come on now. They ain’t here. If they are, just tell somebody else to respond for you. He pursued. They were tired so they said, we can’t go circle cut. No, we keep posting this year. I’m cutting out everybody in my life that ain’t going with me. That’s too much effort. You ain’t got to cut, just pursue something. They going to go home. 200 went and David said, alright, 400, y’all going or not? They cross the brook with them. They go in and they get all of the stuff back. Now watch this. Are y’all ready for this? I said, is you ready? Pardon my ebonic relapse. Is y’all ready?

Question how David know where to go get his stuff at? It ain’t on Craigslist. I just think about it. When the enemy took the stuff that could have went east, west, north, south, how did he know what direction to go in? Because he got coverage When they went out of zig lag, they saw a sick man laying in the field and the sick man who was laying in the field was the assistant of one of the army commanders that stole the stuff. Look at God and the Bible says, you read it with me. He hadn’t eaten in three days nor had he drunk water in three days. So God makes sure that the assistant to the enemy needs something that David has plenty of.

So now the Egyptian is sitting in the field starving and let me tell you something. How do you think David gets the information? David says, oh, you thirsty. Huh? You hungry bro? I tell you what, I’ll give you some bread and some water and some figs if you tell me what they took my stuff up. What’d he start doing? He said they went round over that hill down yonder took a left and you’re going to find all of your stuff. He gave them directions to where the enemy was. Let me tell you why this is important because your enemies don’t care anything about anybody. They’re using everybody to get what they want. So eventually your enemy is going to get rid of one of their friends and you ain’t got a better friend than your enemy’s ex-friend.

I decree and declare right now that God is going to start causing confusion in the camp of your enemies and your enemies. Enemies are going to start singing songs. Watch this In this next season, if you are humble enough, some of your new acquaintances are going to be ex enemies and some of y’all are going to miss the opportunity because you can’t take nobody who betrayed you. You cut me once I’m done with you, you’re going to miss your directions because you can’t get over your grudge. God doesn’t always send the answer from somebody you trust and he like Uhuh. Nah, because if I see him I’m going to steal on him.

He said, got to do it because when they hurt you, come on. All you can do is think about what you’re going to do to them the next time you’re around them and God uses the enemy’s assistant to tell David how to go get his stuff because sometimes the information is going to come from somebody you don’t want to hear from my question for you before I finish. What you going to do? What you going to do? You going to be around here telling they hurt me or you going to say, if this is who the Lord is going to use to bless me, here’s what we say. You said Lord any way you can. God says you mean anyway, alright. I’m going to use an enemy to do it and until you learn to do business with an enemy, you’ll never get your destiny.

No, no, no. You better hear what I’m telling you. When you are authentically on your way to destiny, it is when the switch will go off in your mind, will you recognize that it is plausible and possible to do business with an enemy? Jesus did it with Judas and Peter one betrayed him, one denied him and Jesus put ’em on the team on purpose because sometimes the betrayal is a part of the journey. Don’t mess up your coverage because you don’t have the right character. You got to be able to do business with the person who tried to execute you.

Who am I talking to? David says, all right, watch this lead the way where we going? Took him to the stuff. Let me tell you something David. I ain’t got time to finish it because over David got it all back. David got it all back. Are you listening to me? What he did not know is that three days before the stuff started, God was already working it out. The question for you is do you actually trust God? Do you actually believe him or are you just religious? I know you know church songs. I know you know doxology. I know you know etymology, but do you know Jesus?

Because knowing the structure of the church is not the same as knowing God yourself. David says, I trust them. I trust them. Can I tell you when you look through the whole Bible and you can close your Bible, I’m done. Well turn your app off. We don’t don’t have those anymore, do we? Y’all remember we used to go to church and people had, oh, let me show you. Hey everybody, this is a Bible. We used to carry these things here. Everybody who got one of these, raise it up. Alright, we got 50 Bibles, y’all praise God.

Yeah, and I see some, Ooh, that’s a big one right there. Look, that’s a Matthew Henry commentary right there. I saw one with the, y’all remember the leather pouch with the handle on it? I saw one. There it is. Look at it. Lemme see that right there. Bring that to me. This is a history lesson right here. Oh Lord, y’all remember this? Oh yeah, this bible, at least 72 years old. Look at this. The pages are brown. She probably got, it’s got to be a program from somebody. I knew it. She got a mask in here, a program, a notebook, musical notes, a seminary book. This is my Bible. I can have what it says I can have and I can do it. Y’all praise God for Tammy. Thank you Tammy for letting us know the word of God is still can’t help it.

What was I talking about? I forgot. What was I talking about? Oh, okay, don’t play yet, but I’m almost done. He goes and gets the stuff back and everything is settled because God assigned it to David and nobody could take it even though they could possess it. You see somebody is actually living in your house right now. They can possess it, but they can’t have it. You see what I’m saying? Somebody is in the position that you worked hard for and I know you think that they got promoted because they’re related to the boss. They’re just possessing it.

But when it’s yours, God will find a way to get it back to you. Stand to your feet. How many of y’all remember when Abraham was going up the mountain to sacrifice his son Isaac? Lemme see your hands if you know that story. Alright, lemme give you the other part. I want you to imagine this. I want you to imagine this. Come here brother Sharp. I want you to do me a favor. He is Abraham Mike, he is Isaac. Pastor Hammond, can you stand over here? He represents a ram. This is the mountain. Abraham is on his way. Come here, Isaac to sacrifice his son at the altar. Stop. What they don’t see is on the other side of the mountain, God has a realm.

This area represents the thicket, the bush. And somehow as the ram is coming, he’s caught and cannot escape. Be caught. Reverend, when Abraham gets up here to sacrifice his son and he takes the knife and he’s about to execute his son, God says, Abraham, stay your hand. There is a round in the thicket. So now what was meant for Isaac? God has already provided coverage to make sure that he could get the results but keep the sun. And Abraham had no idea that that ram was coming up the rough side of the mountain. But when you trust God, oh my God, I’m trying to, when you trust him, when you can’t trace him, God always has coverage.

Peter, it’s tax season. I ain’t got no money. Go fishing. How is going fishing? I should be talking to you. How is going fishing going to help me pay taxes? Look at how we could be disobedient when it don’t make sense. God says, go fishing. Peter takes his rod or his net to go get the fish. What Peter doesn’t know is that somehow God has allowed a coin to fall in the water and the fish thought it was a minnow because it’s shining. And what he thought was mill was money. And it just so happens to be that the fish that Peter caught that day was the same fish that swallowed the money and inside of the belly of the fish is Peter’s.

Why would you doubt a God who can make a fish swallow a quarter on the day you got to pay your bills? Why would you doubt a God who can make sure that at the same latitude, longitude, date, time, and specificity will allow a reasonable sacrifice to be coming up the mountain at the same time? It is because for those of us who love him, we all have coverage in our crisis. Every need you have, he shall supply. You cannot have a need that God cannot supply. Only thing he needs from you is faith to believe him because lemme tell you, that’s all God wants to do is be believed. You’d be surprised what believing him will make him do for you.

My mother used to sing this song, you can’t make me doubt him. I know too much about him. I’m satisfied with Jesus. If you’re in this room today, when the Lord gave me this word, the Lord said, and I said I wasn’t going to do it, the Lord says, you got to bring ’em to the altar because this is one of the biggest struggles in the church today that people will worship me. They will praise me, but they won’t believe me. And when you praise God and you don’t believe him, that’s called spiritual manipulation. You just going to praise him until he reacts. God says, believe me, I’ll give you something to praise me about and you won’t be able to resist praising me after I show up in your life. How many of y’all are believing for that kind of experience with God?

Now listen, I’m going to test you because you know good and well, we ain’t gave yet. And when I call y’all to this altar, y’all think that that’s the time to sneak out. But God sees you. I’m being serious. I’m being serious because as long as you keep separating your giving from the process, you’ll always behind, you’ll always be behind your privilege. If you’re in this room today and you’re going to take this serious and I stopped before we got to zero because I am serious, I think that this is going to be the best year of your life so far.

You’ll have more peaceful days this year than you’ve ever had in your life. You will be healthy this year. You will be strong, you will be courageous, you will be protected and protective. Here is the word everything, and this is the word that was put over my wife and i’s life. And if you’re connected, right? What does the Bible say? The anointing does what flows down flows down what? Errands, beard, and then to the garment, which means that whatever he rests on our life rests on this house. And here was the word that we were given yesterday, day before yesterday, day before yesterday. You said yesterday, right? Okay, watch this. I’m telling you this is true. My wife, she called me in excitement. She called me in excitement. It got me so fired up. She said, babe, it has just been prophesied to us that whatever we do is going to win.

She said, whatever we put our hands to is going to succeed. Now, that’s a short window. You don’t get that. It ain’t going to be the year of manifested promises next year just because you want it to be. This is a window illustrated by what just happened because y’all got time for this because I’m telling you, I’m setting you free. When Abraham brought Isaac up, what you don’t know is 13 years prior to that boy being born, he had another son named Ishmael. And that son was not the son that God promised because he went and had that baby with another woman because he wanted a son more than he wanted to be obedient. And you can’t never want your stuff more than you want. God.

When Ishmael was born and God says, congratulations, blue smoke, gender revealed, but not the son. I revealed the Bible lets us know, sir, that 13 years later, Isaac was born 13 years after Ishmael, which is why I named this the year of manifested promises because our church turned 13 years old. So we’ve gone from Ishmael to now the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And if you got enough courage to pursue it, you will be shocked at how much this year is going to mean to the rest of your life. They say a recession is coming.

I’m not having one. Did you hear me? I’m not having one. They say the economy is going down. By the way, I don’t have time to explain this to you, but when they express to you that the economy is slowing down, they want you to think that they’re not in control of that. They’re slowing it down intentionally to bring down interest rates and inflation. We don’t have time to talk about it, but that’s what’s happening. It’s not an accident. This is when the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. And if you are around here feeling sorry for yourself, you’re going to miss the manifested promises. I’m going to make myself strong enough this year to be able to handle the weight of the additional glory. Somebody say, God, give me the glory. Give me the glory. Give me the glory. Give me the glory.

There is no wealth transfer happening. Listen to me. Did you know y’all got time for this? I don’t want, I do not want to waste your time. Did you know that in the last year, the top billionaires in the world lost more money than has ever happened in the history of our country and more millionaires moved into the status of millionaires than ever. And a lot of women, if you’re not paying attention, God is saying the wealth of the wicked has actually just been stored up by them for the righteous. Now, let me just say this. I am not saying that billionaires are wicked because here is one of the problems that we have. We think that all rich people are evil, which is why you’ll never be one.

There are some people who get it by faith and grace alone. A man that don’t work, don’t eat, but a man who works can eat as much as he wants. So God has laid it up over here until you got ready for what he already had ready for you. Remember, he was already, he made an Egyptian sick three days before David got there. You don’t have any idea what’s coming up the other side of the mountain and that ain’t your responsibility. Your job is to make sure that you don’t get tired at the brook and turn around. I don’t care how many steps you got to climb, put one foot in front of the other and make sure you arrive at your proper place at the proper time. Who am I talking to?

Who going with me? I said, who’s going with me? Do me a favor. Look at your neighbor, your favorite one, not the one that ain’t said nothing to you yet. I want you to look at ’em and I want you to look at ’em right in the eye and say, I prophesy that we will see each other at the top. Oh God, help me in this place today. We will see each other at the top. I will see you in the private office at the bank. You will no longer be at the line at the booth. They will have you in a back office somewhere. Because what God is about to do in your life, it ain’t for the general public. Do I have anybody in here who wants to worship God?

Turn around. Tell the person behind you. I’ll see you at the top, y’all don’t know why we do that in church because when everybody talk turn around, you can’t even see nobody. I don’t know why we do that. We say Turn around. Turn around Crystal. Turn around and tell your neighbor, who are you talking to? I don’t know why we do that. You about to blow up. You better get ready. You better get your website built. Come on, talk to me. I feel I feel it. I feel it. I feel it. You better open up that bank account. Stop operating in that D B A and get that L l C better be serious. If your business partners are not working now, buy ’em out. Oh God, help me. If they ain’t working the business right now, close it and start another one, but this ain’t the time for you to be carrying dead weight up the mountain. This is the time for you to begin to worship and praise God because this is the season where God is about to blow your mind and he’s about to do things in your family that your mama didn’t even dream about it. Your daddy didn’t dream about this. Your grandmama didn’t foresee this. If I’m talking to you, make some noise in this room.

I said, if I’m talking to you, make some noise in this room. I said, if I’m talking to you, make some noise in this room. I said, if I’m talking to you, make some noise in the room. I’m trying to hold my mule. I’m trying to hold back, but I think this is the year I said, I think this is the year. Matter of fact, just do me a favor. Look at your neighbor and say, neighbor, over the next 30 seconds, I think I’m going to have to let it go because God has been too good for me to stand here and act like I’m not going somewhere. Find you a praise partner and say, neighbor, God told me to tell you. Everything that you put your hands on is going to belong to you shouting.

If you have the right neighbor, this house would’ve been on fire. Find somebody who ain’t stuck up. Find somebody who ain’t worried about their mascara. Find somebody who ain’t trying to be cute. Find you somebody who face already look ugly and say, neighbor, this is the year I feel something about to happen. I said something about to happen. I said, something’s about to happen. The angel is troubling to walk. Some of y’all still acting so Diddy, but God’s about to shake the whole row. Look at your neighbor and say, neighbor, ask for me in my row. We will praise the Lord. Now, if they not praising, just going to put your hand on their shoulder and sit ’em down, it’s going to sit ’em down. If they ain’t going do nothing, just sit ’em down now for everybody that’s left standing. Open up your mouth, wear your head back and shout. Yeah, somebody shout, yeah, my year, my year, my year, my year, my year, my year, my year.

I’m going to open the business. I’m going to file the L l C. I’m going to find the joint picture. I’m going to make the money and I ain’t going to apologize for it because what God has for me, it’s for me. Here’s what God just told me. God just told me somebody in here has a daughter. She’ll be a millionaire by the time she’s 16. I dare you lay your hands on your daughter right now. If she ain’t here with you, I dare you to get your daughter’s face in your head right now and begin to speak it into existence that God’s about to use your daughter to finish what you started. Do I have any mothers in the room that are start shouting right now?

Don’t be a Holy Ghost. Somebody in this room has a son that has a Kobe Bryant picture on his wall. The bed spread on his bed is plaid. Whoever your son is, God told me to tell you he’s going to play professional sports and he will have a $36 million contract. I don’t know where that number comes from. Now, some of y’all are standing there because either you don’t believe that I’m talking to you because you don’t have a son yet or because you don’t have a daughter yet, which means that God can still put it in your womb and you can still produce it. I need somebody in the room to praise God in advance for what he’s getting ready to do. You got three minutes to open up your mouth and begin to lose your mind. This is the year of manifested promises. Grab your neighbor, grill ’em and rock ’em.

Rock ’em and reel ’em. Reel ’em and rock ’em. Rock ’em and real ’em and say, neighbor, I prophesy wealth, health, money, ideas, strength in the name of Jesus. Do I have somebody who has a neighbor who feels like giving God the praise? Grab your neighbor and say, neighbor, I don’t know about a you today, but this is the year of manifested promises. Shout yes, yes in the spirit. Grab your neighbor by the I’m trying to leave y’all alone. Y’all can sit down. I’m happy all myself. Grab them by the head and say, neighbor, I see you in the future and God told me to tell you your future is mighty bright.

Yes, yes to your will. Yes to your way. I feel like praise. I feel like I feel like praise. I feel like yes, shout yes help’s on the way. Help is on the way. Be encouraged. No matter what’s going on, he will make it all right. I’ve seen the lightning flashing. I’ve heard the thunder roaring. I’ve even felt sin breakers, dashing, trying to conquer my soul, but I heard the voice of Jesus saying, fight on. He promised never to leave you, never to leave me alone. I’m talking to people who’ve been through hell and hot water as the old church will say, the muck and the mire clay, but as long as I got Jesus, don’t need nobody else.

Resist the urge to feel depressed this year. You can’t get depressed. You’re going to have to deal with your anxiety this year and for God’s sake, can this be the year where you finally handle your childhood issues? There is nothing weaker than a grown child. Make yourself strong. Make yourself. Did you hear what I said? When the angel is struggling the water and you feel like I just can’t make yourself strong, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his mic. Thank you, Lord. Take control. You do, sir. Take control. They’re your emotions, not somebody else’s. That’s it’s your mind. Let this mind that is in you be also in Christ Jesus. It’s not God’s mind. It’s yours, but you have to put it in him, and when we accept the Holy Spirit as our comforter, then he leads in God. As I said this in the Bible study, I said, it is not that we don’t sin as children of God’s, that we don’t make peace with it.

If you could just build yourself up in your most holy faith, you could have everything you’re dreaming of. Everybody lift your hands. God, in the name of Jesus, of Jesus, you gave me this people and I do not deserve them, but for some reason you saw fit to allow me to be their under shepherd or their online pastor or just somebody they listen to when they need motivation. Whatever position I hold in their life, I pray God that you will transpose my anointing to rest on their house. Let them feel the genuine connection of my heart for them and your heart for us, and we know we will not be without suffering, but we know we will never be without coverage. Bless those who are my sons and daughters. Give them the blessings of Abraham. Yes, we pray for increase, no weapon. Satan, you are a liar.

Speaker 3 (01:32:00):
You’re a deceiver. You’re an accuser of the brethren, and we don’t believe your lives. We believe the report of the Lord in Jesus’ name.

Speaker 2 (01:32:21):
If you believe it, come on and raise your voice in this place today. Come on, give him glory.