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Pastor Keion offers a thought-provoking exploration of the concept of anointing, possession, and conquering challenges. Highlighting the story of David, the sermon delves into the idea that having a title doesn’t necessarily equate to possessing its whole meaning and significance. The message emphasizes David’s determination to pursue his goals, irrespective of naysayers, using how he defied the Jebusites’ doubts to claim his rightful place. The sermon underlines the importance of understanding one’s identity and purpose, even when faced with adversity. Pastor Keion also delves into the concept of anointing, revealing that it transcends the perception of being “in the Spirit.” He elucidates that God’s anointing considers a person’s entire being and gifts, remaining steadfast even in the face of human imperfection. The sermon underscores the theme of moving forward and leaving the past behind, encouraging you to embrace change and growth. It addresses the impact of trauma and stress, urging individuals to let go of past burdens and focus on their journey ahead. To be Built to Last, you must understand the significance of submission, both to God’s mission and others’ authority. It encourages unity and collaboration among believers, highlighting that individuals must work together to achieve a shared vision.

Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Autogenerated Transcript

Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce you to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. Imagine said, why is he clapping? She’s the minstrel. So yes, we applaud what she did, but she’s only an instrument. So why was I clapping? Bishop said earlier that there were angels in the room and the scripture says that when you clap, you summon angels. So I’m clapping because I’m telling the angel, I don’t know what my neighbor needs, but I got a mama that needs you. I got a daughter that needs you. I got a wife that needs you. I got a son that needs you. And sometimes it’s not my mother, it’s not my father, it’s me. Oh Lord. Standing in the need of prayer. If there’s anybody online or anybody in this room that has something in your life that you, your job, your income can’t saw, will you clap those hands like the devil’s head is in between them and give God, rejoicing the Lord again, I saved rejoice. Rejoice in the Lord again. I saved.

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Second thing, second thing, some of y’all are probably not accustomed to standing this long. Lemme tell you, I read the Bible every day and when we get to the great white throne judgment and we are in heaven, there is only one seat recorded and that is the one that God will be in. I don’t see anywhere else where seats will be provided for comfort, but I do see the scripture saying that we will give him glory, honor and praise and adoration and worship and you can’t bow to his feet and sit in a seat. So I assume we’ll be standing. So touch your name and say just get used to it. Get used to it. Get used to it. Get used to it.

Hallelujah. I do apologize. I didn’t know it was five months. That’s a long time. The reason why I haven’t been here in five months is because I didn’t need to be here. You have a capable campus pastor, would you put your hands together and bless God for the one and only Bishop Ion Roberts? Yeah, he good. He good. And I want you to know, see this is kind of like what happened at North Campus, what y’all need to be thinking right now. Don’t think as a group of renters, you need to be thinking as a group of possessors, as you give and as you pray, we’ve got a seize land in terror. This hotel. Now, unless we’re going to buy the hotel, which is possible, we need to very quickly get out of here so somebody else can come in this space. Somebody say permanence. Permanence. I prophesy and speak that there is a location for Lighthouse Southeast where we won’t be dictated to by parking lots and timeframes and exit strategies that we’ll be able to worship him in spirit and in truth whenever we want. Middle of the week, and I saw it Bishop, I saw 2000 people weekly in attendance at this campus. I told you that before you came.

And the thing about prophecy is it doesn’t wait on proof to speak. I told him that how many of y’all were there when he was at the north campus and he was still passing another church? And look at what God has done and he’ll be going back to Indiana this week for his transition service. The next time you see him in Houston, he will be here as a permanent resident. Hallelujah. I’m so proud of you. I’m so proud of you and I’m honored that we have the same blood flowing through our veins and I’m grateful to be here. Listen, I’m going to preach this sermon. It’s been bothering me all week. It’s been bothering me all week. I wasn’t even comfortable when I got here today and then something settled in my spirit doing the worship. You can just sing, girl Jesus, when you sing, I’ll be over there practicing.

So I’m like, I’m going to do, I can do it. I can’t do it like you can do it, but it sounds amazing. Second Samuel, chapter five, second Samuel, chapter five, second Samuel chapter five, for you’re not your typical Bible study that we’re going to do. I want to pause for a second and give my wife these flowers because on that particular Tuesday is that Wednesday, I’m sorry, on that particular Wednesday and she still has her day job as a producer, but that some of the cast members from her show will actually be in church.

Now lemme tell you why that’s important because I know my wife’s mission is to not abandon what she started but to redeem it. And this is the problem with the church. The moment we get saved, we run away from everything we used to do, away from everybody we used to be with, but the Jesus that I serve went back and he redeemed those who were with him on that journey. You not saved because you can’t hang around people who not saved. You’re saved when you can be around them and not transform. Come on, talk to me somebody. I don’t care if your cousin is alcoholic, if you really got the spirit of the Lord in ’em, you should be able to be around them, minister to them and not judge them in their sin and minister to them so that God can change them around. Now I know everybody doesn’t believe that, but any saved folks in the house, if you believe me on that, just say I got you on that Rev. Second Samuel chapter five, the Bible says, I want to go down to verse six because I want to contribute to the brevity of time. This is how many of y’all remember David? Remember David was anointed by a man named Samuel, and I’m just getting through this so I don’t have to read all the texts. He’s anointed by a man named Samuel. But what most casual readers of the scripture don’t know is that when David was first anointed king, he was not anointed king over Israel. He was just anointed king over Judah,

Which was one of the 12 tribes. So he was like a mayor. Okay, see, because sometimes you can have the title but not have the possession and sometimes you can be over it even when it is not yet under you. So this is good. Some of y’all are like, man, I know God told me to do this big thing, but I’m over here right now. This is a part of that. This is just where he’s starting you. He’s starting you at the job. You can’t walk in and be the c e o on day one. Sometimes you got to start as the janitor. That’s what happened with the man who invented Flaming Hots. He was just a janitor, right? And now his family is eating for the rest of time off of that moment. You cannot be embarrassed by where you started.

Okay? So he’s king over Judah. What we’re seeing now, after seven years, he has now been inducted of king over all of Israel. So seven years over Judah, 33 years over all of Israel for a total of 40 years as a king, and he started at 30. Okay? So what we’re getting to is up in his years when he is around 70 and we’re finishing through that. And so we started verse six, and the king and his men went to Jerusalem unto the Jebusites, the inhabitants of the land were spoke unto David saying, accept thou take away the blind in the la you ain’t getting in. This is people making wrong assumptions about you. Do me a favor, look at your neighbor and say, keep on estimating me. If you want to keep on, keep on it up, keep up. Keep looking at what I drove up in here and what I’m wearing and my current status. Keep thinking you know me based on where you met me. There’s another side to me. Somebody said, there’s another side to me.

They said, they basically said, David are blind and people who can’t walk strong enough to keep you out. And then the next verse is What I love, it says they said all of that, the Bible says, but nevertheless, David took it. See, because you can’t be concerned about what they say when God assigned you. You got to go get it. Somebody say, I’m here to get my stuff. And this is what I love about David. David said, I didn’t just come to get it. I’m about to give somebody else an opportunity to get it with me. Verse eight. And David said that day, who? Whoever goes into the gutter and smacks the jebusites and the lame and the blind that are hated of David’s soul, I’m going to make that person the chief and the captain over my guard. You need to understand that you are sitting next to somebody so powerful that when God finally gives them what’s theirs, there’s going to be room for somebody to run it.

I’m just looking for somebody. See, because you can’t be over it and run it. And this is why African-American businesses don’t run so good because we HR and C E O and C F O, listen, I’m talking to a David out there. You’re going to have to trust somebody to run it. You can’t be the janitor and the security guard and the C F O and hr. You can’t be all of that davidon. I’m going to make somebody the chief, but I’m not going to make somebody the chief because I like ’em. They’re going to have to go in the gutter to get it.

You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. I want to use for a subject today, and this may minister to anybody in here who’s ever been through something and you almost up and they counted you out and you’re still alive. Who am I talking to online in this room? Tell your neighbor I’m here because I’m built to last. That’s why I’m here. I’m built Tyrone. I don’t care what the attack is. You are built to last. So at the time of this text, the anointing has been over and on David A. Long time, but it doesn’t look like it because when he starts off his journey, he’s in the field tending sheep. You read this story before, haven’t you? Yes sir. So even while he’s tending sheep and his father has a coronation service in the house and the anointing is going forth and Samuel is there and David is not invited, he’s still anointed, he’s still anointed, he’s still anointed, he’s still anointed while he is out in the field smelling like sheep. He’s anointed while he’s fighting the lion and the bear. He’s anointed when he’s fighting Goliath, he’s anointed when he’s running from Saul, he’s anointed when he’s in the cave at Alam. Let me just make it a little more interesting. He’s anointed when he’s messing with Bathsheba.

He’s anointed while he’s getting Uriah killed because most people think you’re only anointed when you’re in the spirit. But what you must understand is that when God called you to be king or queen or to be a boss, so whatever it is you’re going to be, what you must know about God is he already considered everything you were before he put the oil on you. And you must understand that God gives gifts with thou repentance, which means when you sin, you don’t lose your oil. Y’all missing this. You’re missing this because to assume that you lose your oil because you sinned, then that means you think you caught God by surprise and then you sinned and he took the oil back. I don’t know what somebody will say. Well, he took the oil back from Saul. He did, but the reason why he took the oil back from Saul is because he never gave it to Saul in the first place.

Remember, Saul was chosen to be king by the people. That’s why his oil came out of a flask. When David was anointed, his oil came out of a horn. Now why is that important? Because a flask is a manmade object. So God says, I’m going to let y’all give him the oil, but you ain’t going to give him the oil out of anything I made because God will let you choose your own king. Just because you got a boot don’t mean God gave him to you. He’ll let you choose your boot just because you got a husband or wife don’t mean God gave them to you. He’ll let you choose your own spouse. But when God picks somebody for you, he pours his oil on it and the gates of hell shall not come up against it. Are you listening to me today? So everything that we know about David, he was anointed in the process and lemme tell you something, just because you can’t get it right right now doesn’t mean you’re not anointed.

Just because your wages are not as high as you want them to be doesn’t mean you’re not anointed just because you don’t have the job of your dreams, because you don’t have the house of your dreams. Just because you’re not in the relationship of your dreams, it doesn’t mean that you are not anointed. You must understand that all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to his purpose, which means that you must understand that every step of your life is a part of the plan of God, the good days and the bad days when you’re on the mountaintop and when you’re in the valley, when your heart is broken and when you’ve got exuberance coming through your veins, it’s all a part of the journey. Somebody shout, I’m still anointed. I’m still anointed. You must understand that when God anointed you, he took into consideration everything about you. He knew you had a bad attitude when he anointed you. He knew that your father had passed down his temper to you when you were anointed. He knew that you were distrusting when he anointed you. He knew that you ain’t taking no mess when he anointed you and he knew you liked to fight.

Oh, where the scrap was at in the room today. How many of y’all hit and asked questions later? You ain’t going to get hit. First you fight and then you find out what they was mad about after you finished swinging. God says, I knew all of that about you when I anointed you. Now, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to change and it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wax stronger in the Lord. What it means is is that God was not caught by surprise when he decided to pour the oil on your life. And the reason why I’m telling you that is so that you don’t feel insecure when you’re in between your anointing and your attitude.

So I know most of y’all act like you always anointed, but it’s at least 300 people in this room and at least a thousand online to say, I don’t know whether I want to cuss or praise sometime because I just, anybody caught in between? Oh no, no. You got a human nature and you got a spiritual side and the two are always in conflict. That’s why Paul says the good I would do, I don’t because evil is always present on every, I’m perplexed. I’m pressed in on every side. Sometimes I lift my hands and worship. Sometimes I can let you get away with it and sometimes I’d have had so much that day that you about to get what everybody did all week, but I’m still anointed. Somebody say I’m still anointed. He takes into consideration who you are before he puts the oil on your life, which is why as soon as David became king, go back and read the scripture.

You start to see everything in Israel start to change. When Saul was king, he was the only one increasing. The kingdom was declining because they said, God, we want a king like all of the other places. Remember God used to rule the area by judges. They said, we want a king like all of the other places. God says, okay, well I didn’t put a king in a script but I’ll let you pick. So who do you pick? They said, we’ll pick Saul. Why? Because Saul was head and shoulders above the rest. He was handsome. He came from aristocracy. His family was rich so they picked him like we picked our leaders based on patterns and criteria. But see, you got to understand that if you want something different, you have to pick according to a different pattern.

If you use the same pattern and choose a different person, all you have done is chosen the same pattern in a different package. Okay, so just because you bought a Cadillac, you upgraded from your last car, but at the end of the day you got four wheels at the end of the day, you got a stereo at the end of the day, you got XM radio. At the end of the day you got leather seats. It may be a different quality but it’s all the same. And so now there’s a pattern of picking. God says, if you want what I have for you, you have to trust my choice.

So he sends Samuel to the house of Jesse, chooses listen, chooses David. When Samuel went there, he was about to pick eab, which was the brother who if I could just put it in terminology, he mirrored Saul. He was the tallest, he was the eldest, he was the most handsome. And God says, Samuel, you are prophet and you anointed and you are still not getting what I’m trying to say. You’ve been in church your whole life and you’re still not getting what I’m trying to say. You’re on the praise team. You’re an usher, you are a deacon. You’ve been in church all of your life and just because you’re saved and just because you house the oil doesn’t mean that you know what to do with it. Samuel, you about to make another choice. I count not the countenance of a man. I look up on his heart countenance face. How many people in this room are dealing with pain because you looked at the face before you looked at the heart.

They didn’t have acne but they had an attitude. Come on, talk to me somebody. You looked past hard and you looked at the body, you looked past hard and you looked at the bank account and now in our lives we’re struggling because let me tell you something, all people struggle as a result of choices because if you say yes, when you say no and say no, when you say yes, you’d be at a different place today. If some of y’all would’ve said no when you said yes and said yes, when you said no, you wouldn’t be living in Houston. If you would’ve said yes when you said no and said no when you said yes, you wouldn’t have the children you have right now. All of our lives are the sum total of our yeses. Come on, talk to me somebody and our nos and David is anointed when he is writing songs as a poet.

He’s anointed when he’s writing the 23rd number of the Psalms, he’s anointed. He was also anointed when the two men killed Saul’s son and beheaded him and David killed the two men, hung them by the pool of he and he was still anointed while he was a murderer. I’m trying to get y’all to follow me in this place today. I’m trying to get you to understand that Christianity doesn’t mean perfection. I’m trying to get you to understand that God can use you when you still got issues. I’m trying to teach you that God can still use you when you’re confused. David wasn’t yet what he was supposed to be but God saw some potential in him and he was willing to walk with him until he reached his divine potential. Touch your name and say there’s potential in you. There’s potential. I know you haven’t gotten it all together. I know you’re not where you want to be and I know you still got things that you’re working on, but God has an oil on your life that’s going to carry you to the next level. Somebody say amen. Shortly after David became king, everything started to move forward in Israel. This is how you know you are not anointed to do something. Are you ready? You struggle to go forward with it.

You stick with it for months and you just can’t make progress. You stick with it for years and you can’t make progress. You open the boutique and it ain’t made a dime three years. Sometimes you have to understand that it is a season to let go of things when you are not anointed to do it. No, y’all don’t want to hear me in here and this is a good lesson for the church because there’ll be churches that’ll be open with five people in it and you’ll have a leader saying that God called me to do it. Not if ain’t nobody coming in. When you are anointed to do something, people are attracted to you. When you are anointed to do something, people follow you. They don’t understand what you’re doing. You haven’t explained yourself yet. You haven’t made it clear. But when you are anointed to do something you don’t have to tell people you are anointed to do it.

They can sense the oil. Is anybody in this room sitting next to somebody where you can sense there is something special about them? Look at your neighbor. Say, I prophesy oil on your life. I don’t know who this word is for in here today, but let me tell you, you may be surrounded by people who do not yet understand what God is doing with you, but I want you to hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. There is an anointing on you to do something amazing and you are going to break history and you’re going to break curses on your family. If I’m talking to you in this place today, shout Amen.

I speak this word. You are anointed for forward. Oh, you missed it. You missed it. The reason why some of y’all can’t get the blessing is all you do every day is look back what they did to you, what they said to you, what your father didn’t do, what’s your mama didn’t do? What’s your sister said? If you ever going to become king, you got to be anointed for forward. Slap somebody and say move forward. Stop crying over what happened. Stop crying over what they said. Stop crying over what happened to you and what didn’t happen. Stop crying over the divorce. Stop crying over the breakup. Stop crying over the bankruptcy and move.

I cannot tell you how many people in this room are depressed not because of your circumstance but because of your direction. You are anointed for forward but the only thing you do is look back and I can give you two reasons why that’s not good. Number one, remember lot’s wife who needs me to explain that there was a woman in the Bible who was the wife of a man named lot and she looked back and the Bible says she turned into salt. You need more Bible. No man having put his hand to the plow and look back is fifth, how are you going to run what you got and you keep looking at what you left?

You can’t enjoy your relationship because you still, if you going to look back, you should have stayed back. If you going to move forward, you got to move forward, slap somebody and say move forward. You don’t leave nobody to go look at their Instagram page. You don’t leave nobody to stop Facebook if you’re moving on, move on. How you done with ’em and you done on their IG page how you done with ’em and you done create a burner account DMing them trying to act like it ain’t you? How you done? Let your yeses be yes and your nos. I want to talk to somebody who understands that it’s time for you to pick up and move Somebody say, I’m anointed for forward. I can stay here all day.

I can stay here all day. Some people can’t enjoy church because you thinking about the argument you had on your way here looking back, you got to move forward. This is our problem. We have to move forward. Lemme tell you, this is how you know you got trauma when you feel guilty about getting better so you got to stay sick a little bit so that you don’t appear to get over too fast. No. When the Lord is your strength, listen, I’m not callous, I just got the Holy Spirit. It isn’t that it didn’t hurt me, but there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. It’s not that I didn’t care but I got the peace. That’s a path.

You got to stop walking around moping and you got to stop walking around with your head hung down and you got to lift up your head, oh ye gates and be he lifted up he everlasting doors and the king of somebody shall move forward. You ain’t doing nobody no favor by still being sad, I’m still getting over it. You better hurry up because if you don’t get over it, you’re going to stay under it and if you stay under it, you can’t run it. No man haven’t put his hand to the plow and look back. That word in the Greek means to take a task on. In other words, no person who has started a thing and turns back from the thing is worth having. The thing I will no person who has been given a thing, a task and looks back from the thing is worth having the thing. In other words, when you put your hand to something, you have to commit to pressing towards the mark for the prize of the upper cause. Most stress, most depression, most anxiety is the result of looking back.

There is a reason why your rear view mirror is one 10th the size of your windshield. You got this big old windshield still looking in the rear view mirror. Why? We love to look back. My question is what can you do about an event that’s already over? Matter of fact, most of y’all who try to get even with people got to back up to do it. You trying to get even with people beneath you and behind you, now you got to slow down your progress to go back and talk to somebody about something they did. When you can stay with the person you with and talk about what y’all going to do together. I don’t know if I’m talking to anybody in here, but just do me a favor. Look down your row and say, neighbor, if you thinking about the past, get off of my row. I don’t want nobody on my row thinking about an old boyfriend or old girlfriend, a bankruptcy, a breakup. I don’t want no trauma on my row. I only want deliverance. So if you going to look back, go sit in the back, but I’m looking for somebody on my row who wants to move.

If I’m talking to you online and in this room, somebody just point forward. Bible says that when David began to move forward, watch this, the north and the south kingdom started to come together. As long as you’re looking back, it’s going to stay apart. When you start looking forward, you’re going to start to see things come together. Your future is upset with you because it wants an exclusive relationship with you and anytime you cheat on your future with your past, you have a bad breakup. The future’s like here I am offering everything the past robs you and he gets all of your time.

The future I got pleasures forevermore just waiting on you to embrace me and here you are, your status on your Instagram is about your past. Look it up right now. Go look at your status on Facebook. Go look at it right now. I want you go look at your last two posts and your status talking about anybody who ain’t with me. I’m moving forward. See? There you go. I’m in a season of my life where I’m about to shut your mouth and get up and move. Stop ghost texting, stop all of this posting, acting like we don’t know who you’re talking about. We know who you talking. We know that’s Earl you talking about I was in church and the Holy Spirit told me to tell him to move on. No he didn’t. You talking to Earl, you telling Earl that you moving on.

Let me get out of here. That’s why I don’t come over here pastor. See, shortly after David started to move forward with Jerusalem, everything started to come together. How many of y’all are ready for things in your life to start to come together? Anybody ready for things to really just start making sense like, oh God, I know why you made that move. I know why I couldn’t stay there. I know why I had to get through that pain. I know why I had to go through that situation. I know what you were doing. I now know I was waiting on you to bring everything together. Just prophesy to your neighbor. Tell ’em things about to start to come together and how many of y’all sitting next to a neighbor that didn’t say nothing to you? Tell them, move, get out of my face. Go sit in the lobby. I didn’t got time. Ain’t going to sit next to nobody. Who ain’t going to talk to me?

Everybody listen to me if you don’t hear nothing else, I said finish what you started. I’m even talking about the book on your nightstand. I’m talking about that article you got saved in your favorites. Now finish. Don’t leave nothing unfinished and don’t move on because you’re bored. Finish the race. It’s not given to the swift nor the strong, but the one that finishes. That means even when it’s hard, you got to finish When it looks like it’s about to break down, you got to finish. I’m going to tell you something. Things will break down before you do. If you won’t break down, it won’t break down. Most everything in your life is requiring your energy When you break down, then it breaks down and then you blame it. I blame you.

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. You’ve got to stay in the fight. You’ve got to stay in the race and when you keep fighting, God will sense somebody. Oh God, I know what I’m talking about. It’s only a test. You don’t think you’re the only person who ever went through anything you don’t think nobody’s ever been through what you’ve been through and had to come out of the gutter to get it. Well, let me tell you how you’re going to stay strong and how you’re going to build a life that’s built to last. Number one, you have to submit to the mission.

Hallelujah. Now here’s where I want you to start. Any entrepreneurs in here, anybody who’s got a business, this for your family, anybody who’s over a thing, if you don’t have a mission for it, you don’t know where you’re going. I remember when my wife and I got married, she’ll tell you this. I said, baby, I love you, you love me. Where are we going? What are we doing? What are we trying to accomplish? Because when love is tested, then you submit to the mission when them butterflies ain’t there no more. And when somebody get on your nerve and you get on their nerve, you got a mission to go back to and the mission keeps you on track. You can’t just date because you like ’em and they’re cute. What’s the mission?

What are you going to do in your family that has never been done before? What are your children going to do and what opportunities are you going to provide for them that your family didn’t have the opportunity to provide for you? What’s the mission? When we first started this church here was the mission statement equipping people to stand the storm and every sermon I preached, that’s why I call it lighthouse. A lighthouse is what you look for when you lost and can’t find your way. See the mission? It rules the method. You ought to have a mission statement for your relationship.

Parents ought to have mission statements. My wife, I got this leather book anytime I bring the leather book out, she know we about to have a business meeting. I bring the leather book out in the leather book right now. She will tell you sitting in here, it’s what we are doing in three months. What we’re doing in six months, what we’re doing in 12 months, what we’re doing in three years, what we’re doing in five years, why it’s the mission and sometimes it alters because now some of those things have to change because now she has new dreams.

Now you recalibrate the mission and then you submit back to the mission. Are y’all not listening to me? Davis’s mission was to find a capital city for that was the mission. So it didn’t matter what anybody said that was the mission. It didn’t matter what the weather was, that was the mission. It didn’t matter who was working with him. That was the mission. And when, listen to me ladies and gentlemen because this is going to be the most important thing I say today. Most of y’all are trying to figure out who needs to be in your life and who you should kick out of your life. That’s too hard. Pick the mission. The people who agree with it will come and the people who disagree with it will leave.

It’s too hard to fight with everybody. It’s too hard to cuss everybody out. Pick a mission. So if you decide, hey, we’re going to be in a friend group and we ain’t going to be haters, then all the haters will leave. If you’re going to be an entrepreneur and you’re going to invest in real estate and everything you do and talk about is real estate, then people who don’t have a passion for that will stop calling you and people who see that you are scaling, they will call you and it will bring you people. You know why you don’t like none of your friends? You don’t have a good mission. If you pick a good mission, you would enjoy the company you keep.

I’m preaching whether you say amen or not, when you and two or three got to get on the phone and talk about them two and three that don’t belong around because your mission hasn’t put ’em out. Oh this is a good word. Listen. Preach black man. I know I’m saying something. I know I’m preaching. You ain’t got to say nothing, but I’m talking to somebody in here. Get you a mission high five, three people to say get a mission. Get a mission, get a mission. Get a mission. Understand the mission, write the mission, memorize the mission and make sure that everybody who’s in the mission has some sub mission.

Men. Men look at me brothers. All submission is when we talk about women submitting submission is not obedience. A woman will submit when she knows where you’re going. That’s what she will sub to the mission, not to you. You crazy, you able to do anything, but if you put a mission out there, my wife just sent me a video the other day. She said A woman feels closest to a man when she understands what he’s thinking, when she understands how he feels emotionally, when she understands what direction he’s going in. And because as men we are prone to silence then listen, when you are a silent man, you have to yell at a woman to get her attention because your silence made her distrust and now you got to talk louder to regain it. You’re losing it. Put the mission out there. Put the mission out there.

When you put the mission out there, she’ll say, okay, so you mean to tell me if you go and play basketball with the boys five times a week. It’s really a business deal and we’re going to be millionaires next month. Do you need a sandwich pack? You want some Gatorade? You want me to get you some socks and some Jordans? If you put the mission out there, what you need, you me going to put some pompoms and a chili eating skirt on what you need, Darryl, I’m telling you what I know he picked a mission. Who am I helping online in this room? Who am I? Help everybody say pick a mission and when you pick the mission, you have to submit to the mission sub mission sub underneath subzero under. You got to get under the mission. You have to get under the mission. Okay, so what’s the mission of our church? The five A’s. Right? So we submit to those five A’s and we run everything we can through our programs, through those things. And so guess what? When somebody has something to say about our church being accepting, we don’t have to fight. It’s one of our five in the mission.

You see? So when you put the mission out there, then you calm down the chatter. Amen. Amen. David said we got to get a capital city. Okay? Alright David, we got it. But bro, this is the issue. The city that I picked belongs to somebody, okay? It belongs, belongs to somebody. It belong to the JE sites and they like to fight. So if we going to go get this thing, we got to be ready to throw them hands. Now anybody in here if you ain’t ready to throw them hands, stay in. Yeah, stay in the car. Yeah. Who said that? I’ll go with you anywhere. I’m telling you right? I already know you got Vaseline and you got some flip flops in your trunk right now. We’ll go with it. She’s like, come on with it. Pk, I got you.

Oh, she from Chicago too. It’s all over. So if you going, you got to be ready to fight. Ask your neighbor, will you throw them things? Will you fight? Because I ain’t got time to be with nobody scared. I ain’t Listen if you’re scared, go to church. Now you can do what you want to do, but if you’re going with me, we’re going to have to fight the kingdom of heaven suffered violence and the violent take it by force because let me tell you, there’s going to come a time in your life where you’re going to have to stop expecting man to fall from the sky and you’re going have to take it. You’re going to have to make it. You’re going have to build it. You’re going to have to do it. And that is where wealth comes. Wealth comes when you walk out of charity and into submission where you walk out of. It just happens till you recognize how to make it happen again. Because when you’re waiting on man to fall, you can only eat when it decides to rain.

But when you know how to fight, and this is what’s wrong with this generation. Y’all smarter than us, but y’all don’t know how to fight. Y’all know how to fight. Y’all smarter than us. Y’all can work computers. I was trying to get destiny to help me other day. It’s the thing popped up on my computer talking about you got to adjust the cookies. I’m like, I didn’t know this thing came with macadamia nuts. What do you mean cookies? I don’t understand this stuff. I give it to her and she do it. But lemme tell you something. You can talk about us, call us old and everything, but it’s one thing we know how to do. We know how to fight. We know how to take one paycheck and make it all month. We know how to get milk and bread and eggs and a pair of car note and pay a mortgage. Y’all make a hundred thousand dollars a year still at the altar crying because you broke.

We raised three kids on $10 an hour because we knew how to fight. Come on, young people. Don’t get mad at me, but you got to have some scrapes on your knees. You ain’t never even seen your own blood. If you ain’t drunk your blood out of your wrist, you ain’t tough. How many of y’all ever drunk your own blood? It’d be all right. I was watching this little boy on Instagram the other day crying because he was losing in the PlayStation game. I’m going to bust him upside his head. You crying because you losing that Madden losing fight again.

Touch on them and say get some fight in you. And let me tell you some parents, you better make sure your child got some fight in them too. Every once in a while you can’t go up to the school ready to fight for ’em. They got a smart mouth, they talk back to you. Let ’em get knocked up the head a couple of times they’ll learn how to fight. Here you are 65 up there trying to fight a three-year-old. I’ll fight anybody. Let them fight. You got to fight. Listen, you ain’t going to make it through life if you don’t know how to fight. It’s a fight the whole way.

I don’t know who fooled us into making us believe that we’re going to casually walk into the promised land without 40 years of wilderness. It’s a fight and almost losing your house is a part of the journey and having to real direct your finances to keep your car, that’s a part of the fight. Going in the grocery store and counting up how much stuff costs before you get to the counter is a part of the fight. But let me tell you, generation, whatever you is, your problem is, is you worship our destination and you don’t want our journey.

You might look at me and say, oh, he drives this or he has that. But let me tell you something. When I was your age, I was mopping the floor of the church with no air condition and no heat. When I was your age, I was the praise team member and the pastor and the janitor and everything else. I was the C f O. You don’t look at my glory unless you know my story and that’s what you parents better do. You better stop trying to keep your kids from having a difficult life and introduce them to the difficult that made you.

I grew up in a date. Now I’m on my soapbox. Y’all got time. I ain’t got nothing else to do today. I’m at work. So Sean, if y’all got somewhere go, just go ahead and leave. But I’m here. I grew up in a time where mama cooked one thing and if you was hungry, you little weak parents, y’all going to K F C, chick-fil-A, your bacon, eggs and grits and bacon. Every child got their own meal. And then when they get in the real world where they got to make a choice, if you hungry, you eat what’s made.

If you don’t eat it, you must not have been hungry. How many of y’all was raised like that? Now I ain’t talking about nobody. I’m just talking about me. Come here, look at me. You got a 17 year old boy in your car and you at the gas station and you pumping the gas, the devil is alive. Don’t let me roll up on none of my members and see you in the car and your son’s sitting down on his phone and you pumping the gas. I’m going to drag him out your car, your butt up there and pump that gas.

You got a 12 year old son and you taking the garbage out. You making a 15 year old’s bed talking about, oh, it’s all right Johnny. I bet I won’t. You better teach ’em to fight because there’s a Jerusalem they got to get and you can pick any way you do it. If they play sports, at least make ’em finish the season. At least they ain’t got to go back next year. But you got to finish what you started. Help me. Holy Ghost, holy Ghost. And you got to do it in your time. The only reason why David didn’t go after the capital city earlier is because it wasn’t his time. Because you got to understand what you’ve been called to be over and what you haven’t been called to yet.

He has seven years in Judah because God will put you in Judah to train you for Israel. And some of you all right now, you think you are depressed just in basic training. No, no. Look at me. This is what life looks like. This is it. I don’t know what you expect and I’m here to stand in proxy to tell you that if you think that you got it worse than anybody else, I came to tell you on behalf of anybody who ever got anything, this is how it goes. This is how it goes. You don’t get married to somebody and go 12 years and never have an argument. That’s how it goes.

All children are not going to be valedictorian. That’s how it goes. And yo baby, God bless him if he’d been in 12 games and ain’t scored yet, he just can’t play and stop cussing the coach out talking about y’all ain’t going to play no better. Why? So we could lose and make you happy. He can’t play. And if you’ll go put him or her in something they can do, instead of trying to live your life vicariously through them, raise up a child in the way they should go. And when they get old, they will not depart from it. But most of us want our children to be lawyers because that’s what you want it to be.

You see why y’all, that’s why I can’t only come every five months because you can’t handle me every time at the time Jerusalem belonged to Benjamin. Oh, pastor Cion, let me tell you what the Lord showed me. I kept asking myself, why Jerusalem? You know how many cities he could have picked? I mean, Houston ain’t the capital of Texas, so it couldn’t be because it’s the biggest. There’s always a reason why the capital city becomes the capital city. I couldn’t figure out why Jerusalem wasn’t near water. I just couldn’t figure it out. Then I figured out that Jerusalem belonged to Benjamin.

David was the king of Judah. Benjamin was the king of the rest of the province. And the Bible says that when it was time for David to be king, listen, here it is. Going back to what I just said. Benjamin submitted to David. I got a couple of things I need to say in here. First of all, some of us will never get where God wants us to be because you can’t see yourself submitting to nobody. Being vice president of the United States is better than being the president of your street. But the problem with us is we need to be over everything and you’d rather be over a small thing than a part of a big thing.

Do you know how much healthier our churches would be if pastors who were struggling would combine with pastors who were winning and submit their authority to somebody who God is? Oh God. But we’d rather be over a beauty shop with five customers in a rented office space. You quiet than to join somebody who obviously has a vision and subjecting yourself to something greater. Because let me tell you, 10% of something big is better than a hundred percent of something small. And this is what’s wrong with our community. If we would just come together like we did at that boat, oh no, no, no, no, no. I said it and I’ll say it again. If we will fight everything else like we fought at that boat and come together and fight together and not know each other so we can throw our fists together, but we can’t do business together, touch your name and say take a seat some of y’all to get it on your way home.

Lemme get back to my point. I got to get y’all out of here. Y’all got brunch to get to. Benjamin was the king or the progenitor of the area that David needed. It wasn’t until I realized that Saul was from the tribe of Benjamin. This is when it made sense to me why Jerusalem had to be the capital. Because remember, Saul was the king. The people chose and the anointing left him. And now the anointing is on David. And by the way, David was much worse than Saul, but because God gave him the oil, it did not leave. Now, when David became king, Saul couldn’t take it. So the Bible says he fell on his own sword. Saul committed suicide. He never see, he didn’t want to submit to David so he killed himself so that he wouldn’t have to. God said, don’t worry about it. I got this Saul, since you won’t do it, I’m going to make the whole tribe do it.

And so now the entire tribe of Benjamin has to submit itself to David. Let me tell you something, nobody is going to get away with what they did to you. You better hear me. They can jump off the Empire State Building. They can leave earth. But when God has his hand in the plan, he will make all things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called. So the reason why Jerusalem had to be David’s is because the first king of the United Kingdom of Israel who was Saul was a progenitor of Benjamin. And God says, you were depressed because I didn’t give you a man. I was going to give you the whole tribe.

He could have been around here mad because Saul didn’t submit to him and he didn’t know God said, Saul, I’m giving you everything he owed. How many people in the room are guilty of settling for less because you were impatient and your ego needed a win. So you ended up settling for Saul when you could have got the whole tribe of Benjamin. Does that make sense to anybody? Come on, raise your hand online in here if I’m, you settled for less because you were impatient and you were not willing to wait on God, he was going to give it all to you.

They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They will what? Mount up with you. I feel, oh, I feel the Holy Spirit. I literally looked in the audience and I just seen somebody. I just seen the word hit them like, I’m really here for transformation. I’m not here to entertain you. Anybody. You’ve been waiting and you got something going on right now, you feel like you’re about to lose it. You’re about to lose it on every side and you don’t know that the north and the South while you in the service, Jesus, all you got to do is keep moving forward. I know you want to quit. I know you want to give up. I know you just want to move back to the town you came from, but they that way on the Lord. Tell somebody be still. See the salvation of the Lord God is about to make. Thank you Holy Spirit. God is about to make everything that tried to keep you and keep you out, submit to you.

There is a business loan that you haven’t been able to get all of a sudden just watch in the next 30 days. Boom. I was at the golf course the other day and this happened about 10 30 in the morning. We’ve been fighting with the Dream Center over and over again operating from temporary occupancy certificates over and over and over and over. And right while I was outside, would a gentleman who had just visited our church the week prior, he said, man, I’m going to go and prayer with you. I’m going to go and prayer with you on a golf course.

See when you got the right friends around you, they’ll submit to the mission. He said, I’m going to pray with you right as we turn it on the 12th hole. I get a text message from the c o o of our church with a screenshot of the certificate of occupancy. The Dream Center is officially done and open and let me give you something to shout about. And within five hours made his first $35,000. I don’t know who I’m talking to in this room today, but God says, I’m about to give you permanent residence and I want you to live in what I’ve created for you and watch this. There’s another revenue stream coming. I don’t know who I’m talking to. God said I couldn’t let you make the money where you were. I had to wait until you got where I called you to be.

I can’t leave you right there. I can’t leave you right there. I wish I could. I cannot leave you right there. David said, all the tribes around. David said, listen. He said, it’s time for us to go in. It’s time for us to go get what God told us to go get. And lemme tell you something, you got some haters that ain’t going to believe you. And I’m looking at people wiping tears from their eyes and it’s all right. It’s all right. You going to have to get this out today. As he was getting ready to go in, they start taunting him. David, you weak our blind and lame people could keep you out.

David said, oh yeah. Is that what it says? Go back and read your Bible. It says, our blind and lame could keep you out. We don’t even need warriors to keep you out. We could beat you with people who can’t even see you. People got nerve, don’t they Look at your name and say, you know who you’re talking to dog. Now let’s listen. Now go back, Ms. Yon, now I know you got your Bible back. Go back to verse one and two. Now should do this. Y’all remember the old school church where they had said and read and she said, and the Bible says, y’all remember that if you go back to verse one and two, the guys who are with him are saying, Hey David, you’re like our family, your blood of our blood. And listen, and when we know Saul was the king, but you were the real leader, lemme tell you something.

Everybody around you, you got some people you can’t trust. He said, but we know Saul was the king, but you the real leader. That’s verse one and two. By the time you get down to verse six, seven, and eight, you got a group of people telling him that he can’t get in. If he’s the kind of person like most of us who are moved by what people said, then in the first part of the chapter, he believes he can do it. By the time he gets to the be part of verse eight, he believes he can’t. This is why when you are on the journey of life, you got to know who you are because at some point some people are going to say, you ain’t good enough. And then somebody’s going to come and say, you’re all of that. And if you are swayed by what people say, that’s called depression. Because sometimes I’m up and sometimes I’m down. I got anxiety because she believed in me, but he didn’t. But when you know who you are, when somebody tells you you’re going to make it, you know it. And when somebody tells you you are not, you know it. Because when you know who you are, better yet, when you know whose you are, he wasn’t swayed by what people say.

Listen to me, generation, whatever you are, you get depressed because you read somebody’s comment on your little page and here you are arguing five paragraphs deep because of what somebody said. But you don’t never have anything to say longer than thank you to people who believed in you. Notice it. When the people who believe in us say something. Say, thank you girl. Appreciate you. When somebody don’t, you don’t know me. I’ve been through a lot. Stay off my page. Distracted trick of the enemy. David said, I ain’t going in. You said I’m going in and nothing you say can keep me out. I’m here to get my stuff and I’m not leaving until I get it. Because everything I’ve been through has caused me to be built to last. You didn’t see me fight the lion in the bear. You didn’t see my father reject me. You did not see what I went through. But all the things I went through made me strong enough to survive this moment. Somebody just touched three people and say, you’re strong enough to make it. You’re strong enough to survive. You anointed for this and you may not like this sermon, but I refuse to sterilize this process so you can be happy with yourself. It’s hard out here.

It’s difficult and nobody you admire got it Easy. You got to be built to last Timex. You got to take a licking, keep on ticking. Problem with this generation is everything that’s made now breaks down easy. When we grew up, they could make a car in 70. In 95 is still be working. Now don’t even build it to last. You think that stuff, Ikea going to last you longer than two years. It ain’t built to last, but when you go to your granddaddy’s house and that furniture’s still there, huh? They even put plastic on it because they wanted it to. Y’all don’t remember having no plastic on your, lemme see if you real, I’m talking about the kind of plastic. After a while it start cracking and when you get up you could see the whole couch on the back of your leg. Anybody grew up in that? How many of y’all remember your granddaddy had a TV on top of his tv?

Last point? He says, all right, I tell you what, we’re about to go get it. Come on, let’s go. We about to go get it, but lemme tell you something and I’m talking to everybody, everybody. He says, this is for all the tribes. He wasn’t just talking to the tribe of Judah. He opened it up to all the tribes. He says, whoever goes in the gutter, I’ll make you the chief. The gutter was the water shaft that was underneath the city. Now the young man who actually ended up going in the gutter was his nephew and he made him captain. Not because they were related but because he got in the gutter. Let me tell you something. Don’t you ever promote anybody in your life that won’t get in the gutter with you?

I don’t care if you’re related. If they won’t get dirty with you, don’t you promote ’em? I don’t know who this is for, but I’m going to give you about five seconds to give God the glory because God is about to send people in your life who will get in the gutter with you. Ask your neighbor, will you get in the gutter with me? Ask him, will you praise God with me? Will you lift your voice with a voice of triumph with me because God is about to do something in my life and I need to be surrounded by somebody who will get down and dirty with me. Open up your mouth and give them glory.

This is the pattern I need you to break. I need you to stop picking people who won’t get dirty. I want you to think about this crawling through cold water. I went through Hezekiah’s Tunnel before when I went to Israel walking through cold water up above your waist in a narrow tunnel with the sound of mice screeching around your ears in the gutter. Can’t see where you’re going and too far to turn around tight and uncomfortable, but I’m going anyway and I’m telling you right now that the blessings of the Lord for everybody in this room today, it ain’t going to come in your penthouse. It ain’t coming in your apartment. It ain’t coming in the Cummins area. It ain’t going to come by watching Ted talks. You going to have to get in the baby.

You going to have to do it with tears in your eyes, with sore muscles in your body, no money in your savings account surrounded by death, especially from people you didn’t expect to go. It’s going to cost more than the money you got in your bank account, but can you trust God when the vision is bigger than your paycheck with heart palpitations, brain fog, distrust, no way of seeing the outcome, but you got to stay in the gutter and you got to stay low and you got to stay strong because you were built to last.

Every sleepless night you had was you earning your position? Every check you wrote that you afraid was going to bounce off every time you slid the credit card and didn’t know what was going to happen. That was you earning your stripes every time you went to the doctor and they said, we saw something, you got to come back next week. That was you earning your position. Hug somebody if you’re next to ’em, if they look like they got emotions in their face and tears and eyes and say, I’m in the gutter with you. I’m in the gutter with you and I am not going to stop until I get in.

This is my city, this is my time, this is my town and I’m not going back because it doesn’t make sense. I’m not going back because I’m alone. I’m not going back because my heart is broken. I’m not going back because I’m confused. Don’t you mess up that good relationship because you’re going back to your mama’s pain. Go forward, bro. You ain’t got to be like your daddy. You brought a child in this world, you raised it. I don’t care if your father didn’t take you to your basketball game, don’t you go back where you go forward because you built to last.

It’s going to be hard, but God will never put more on you than you can bear. The only difference between you and the person who has it is they didn’t quit in the gutter. I don’t know who this word is for, but if I’m talking to you and I normally wouldn’t do this, but if I’m talking to you, I want you to come to this altar and I want you to imagine that you’re crawling to the gutter on your way up here. I just, every step you take cold water mice hanging above your head, no light, no sufficient oxygen, you’re crawling through the gutter.

Embarrassed, but I’m coming. Seems impossible, but I’m coming angry more days than I can count, but I’m coming. I feel like giving up, but I’m still going to keep crawling. How is it that I’m a mother and I don’t feel like being motherly? How is it that I’m a father and I don’t have any instinct? How is it that I’m a wife and I don’t want to be nice? How is it that I’m a husband and I don’t want to come home but I’m going to keep crawling? How is it that I’m an entrepreneur and I don’t know what to do next, but I’m going to keep crawling because I’m built to last?

You are much stronger than you think, but what you got to do is you got to stop hearing what they say about you. Let them try to keep you out of your dream with the lame and the blind and it will be their fault that you got in easier. Don’t you ever feel bad because somebody didn’t recognize your strength and stop trying to prove yourself, okay, I was nice to you and you didn’t accept it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being nice because you don’t know how to handle nice. How many people in the room and online keep changing who you are because they didn’t receive you like you offered yourself?

That’s not the behavior of a queen. Stay strong fight. It doesn’t matter what they say in verse two, and it don’t matter what they say in verse eight, be who you are. You were called to be over it when you didn’t qualify and now you are here and it is time for you to take Jerusalem. Lift your hands. If you know it’s your season and it’s your time now, I want you to begin to open up your mouth. Come on, say something to the Lord. Come on God, give me strength. Whatever you want to say. Come on, presence came and me. Come on. Come on and say it. Say to the presence, somebody say, I won’t go back, won’t go back, can’t go back to the way you be for your presence. Came listen to me.

The Bible says that he conquered Jerusalem. Somebody say, conquered Jerusalem, conquered Jerusalem. I don’t want to hold you if I’m not helping you. Raise your hand if I’m helping you online, raise your virtual hand if I’m helping you because I’m about to say two things that can set you free for the next 20 years. I don’t feel the virtue in the room. I said, I’m going to say two things that are going to set you free for the next 20 years if you want it. Say somebody, say I receive it. Number one, the Bible says that David conquered Jerusalem. Please hear me. This is one of the, in my opinion, this is the revelation from the Lord and I got to make sure this atmosphere is proper before I release it. Who wants this revelation?

The Bible says that David conquered Jerusalem so we know there was a whole war that just happened, right? Which mean David found a way to conquer it without destroying it because you cannot live in a thing you destroy, so your next level of anointing is you’re going to have to find out how to conquer something without destroying it. Oh God, help me my brother. You’re going to have to find a way to gain that woman’s respect without breaking her down. My sister. You’re going to have to find a way to get him to love you without emasculating you because we haven’t yet figured out how to get something to change and leave it with dignity.

If you destroy her, how she going to respect you? If you destroy him, how is he going to love you? If you destroy your child, how will they trust you? You got to learn how to lead a thing without destroying it, and this goes for people with trauma and oppressed people because the only way we know how to conquer thing is how we were conquered, and you don’t have to destroy a person’s will in order for them to understand your worth. I’m telling you, you’re going to have to learn to conquer it without destroying it.

Who receives that? Number two? Oh God. The Bible says that David conquered Jerusalem and here it is. I want to share this with you. You can’t rule it and destroy it, so remember David is a man after God’s. What the Bible says in Matthew 21 that the Lord went into the temple, so did David, and David was able to conquer the temple without destroying it. Remember in Matthew 21, Jesus went into the temple and he turned the tables over and he said, I’m doing this because you’ve turned my house into a den of thieves. He says, my house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer, but you’ve made it a den of thieves. Listen, listen. Here is the word of God. Remember? Who did they say could keep David out of the temple, the lame and the blind? Matthew 21. He says, you’ve turned my house into a dent of thieves. The blind and the lame came to him and the temple and he cured them.

Now, remember, Jesus is the son of David, so on one hand, David, the son of God was told that he would be kept out by the blind and the lame Jesus who is the son of David is now healing the lame and the blind. Come here because God told me to tell you that in this next season of your life, he’s calling you to cure what they used to call you. Listen, I ain’t got time to explain all of this, but when you go home and read this, when they said the blind and the lame could keep him out, then David said, oh my God, David says, go in and you can defeat the lame and the blind. In other words, you got to go home and read it. They were not actually saying that the blind and lame could keep David out. They were actually saying that David was so weak. He was like a blind and a lame man, so this was actually sarcasm and criticism, and so now they call him blind and lame and now the son of David is healing the blind in the lane. You have to get to the place where you can heal your old sickness.

Listen, you used to be you once were blind, but now you see, okay, don’t get stuck here. Oh, you mean okay, I used to be, but I am a new creature and I am not going to live the rest of my life subjugated to what you used to call me. I did the work, I changed. I’m no longer bound by the same thing and I am a new creature. I need all of the new creatures in the room to begin to give God praise for the deliverance over your mind, over your psychology, over your institution. Come on, give them glory. Come on. I can’t hear you. I want somebody who’s going forward to give them glory in this place. Come on, come on. Give them glory. Give them glory.

Lighthouse, I can’t hear you. Open up your mouth and people say, I’m going forward. I’m going forward. I’m going forward in my health. I’m going forward in my mind, I’m going forward in my finances. I’m going forward with my family. I’m going forward. I’m going forward. I’m going forward. Spirit of the living God, let forward fall on everybody who climbed through the tunnel to get here. Some of these people don’t like being in front of people. They don’t like attention. They’re shy, they’re introverted, but they came because they wanted to get it through the gutter and God let ’em know if they were going to die, they’d be dead already. If they were going to lose, they would’ve already lost. Let ’em know that no weapon that was formed against them was able to prosper and nothing in the future will be able to do. Let them know that they are here today because of the grace of God and they will make it through tomorrow like they made it through yesterday in Jesus’ name. I need every survivor to open up your mouth and begin to God about 30 seconds of crazy praise. I need to hear somebody from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same. He’s worthy to be praised. Open up your spirit, your mouth, and your soul, and Shabbat the Lord.

Hallelujah. Come on somebody. Come on, come on. Come on. Deliverance is here. Deliverance is here. Deliverance is here. Deliverance is here. Somebody’s about to get a breakthrough. Somebody’s about to get a breakthrough. Somebody’s about to get a breakthrough. Somebody is about to get a breakthrough. Break every chain. Break every chain, break every chain, break every curse, break every hatch. We bind the demons and the war locks and the sous says, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelu. Hallelujah. Somebody’s about to get a breakthrough. Give your neighbor high five and shall neighbor, I almost gave up shall neighbor. I almost quit. I thought the gutter was my casket, but I didn’t realize that God had made a way out of no way. Give your neighbor high five and shall neighbor over the next 30 seconds. God told me to tell you that he’s dealing with your distractions. I’m just trying to find somebody. I’m looking for somebody who ain’t scared. I’m looking for somebody who ain’t got quit in them. I’m looking for somebody who’s got bravery and ice running through your vase. Give your neighbor high five and say, I got your back. One can chase a thousand, but two can put 10,000 to flight. I come up against the demons in your family. I come up against the demons over your house.

I feel glory in this room. I told myself I was just going to talk, but I feel something happening. Give your neighbor high five and shall neighbor be Angel has troubled the water and the next one who gets in the pool shall be healed. Is there anybody in the room today that feels the glory of the Lord? If you feel it, let me say it like we’re used to say it. If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands. If you are happy and you know it, then in your face show, surely show it.

Something about to happen in this room. Something about to happen in this room. Some of y’all came in with not enough. You about to leave with more than enough. Some of y’all came with your head held down, some of y’all about to leave with the glory on your life. Who am I talking to? Who am I speaking to? Who am I prophesying to? Somebody shout. I am built to last. I’m built to last. The devil should have killed you when he had the chance. You know what I’m talking about? When you were in the bed with the blinds closed and the curtains drawn with the bottle of pills on the nightstand and the bottle of Hennessy next to it, he should have got you that day, but he lets you make it.

Oh, I’m trying. Somebody shout, I’m I’m a survivor. Somebody shout, I don’t care what they used to call you. I call you healed. I don’t care what they used to call you. I call you delivered. I don’t care what they used to call you. I call you more than enough. I don’t care what they used to call you. I call you a son and a daughter, a dog. Don’t you quit. Don’t you quit. You are not inferior to anybody. You’re not inferior to anybody. God created you and that is enough. You did not have to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

Sometimes you got to come from the gutter. Lemme tell you something. When you come from low, you appreciate high. When you ain’t had nothing, pardon my Ebonics. When you haven’t had anything, then you are grateful, but can I make a declaration? I’m going to let you go. How many of y’all ever came out of the gutter? Let me tell you something, what God told me to tell you. You may have come from it, but you ain’t going back that tell somebody we got to go. You can make it. You can make it. You can make it. You will make it. You will make it. You will make it so crowd’s to these tears and wipe ’em away because this is the last time you’re going to cry about that. Get it out. Get it out.

It’s over now it’s over. Now it’s over. Now hold your head up. Some of y’all still bent over. Hold your head up. Remember you anointed no matter what the circumstance. I know you still got bills to pay, but you anointed. I know you broke, but you anointed. No, we ain’t dancing. We’re done. You’re going to have to think through this. I need you to move right now from your emotions to your cognitive ability because you’re going to have to take this with you when you leave here because right now I’m the verse two in your life. I’m telling you that you can make it. Verse eight is in the parking lot.

Verse eight is at the job tomorrow where they going to tell you that you’re blind and you’re lame and you’re unqualified, and when you get there, you better know who you are. I’m what God said I am. That’s the day I got delivered. I used to preach in suits every Sunday. You ain’t no preacher. You don’t preach in a suit. Okay, we’ll see. We’ll see if they stop coming to church. I don’t have a tie on here. We are in four different campuses all over the city with 22,000 people who call this church their home in some ones because when you act and according to what he calls you, you can do it in whatever uniform you choose. In fact, if Jesus walked in here right now, the people who think they know him wouldn’t recognize him. If Jesus walked in here right now, you’d be checking under his robe to see if he had explosives. He wasn’t born in Texas. Talk to me somebody. Don’t you get discouraged because you don’t have Jerusalem yet? You built to last.