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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:00:03):
Lemme introduce to my father. I believe that we owe God a praise. Listen, so how many of you, you’ve been hot in Houston the last two months? Raise your hand if you’ve been hot. It is hot everywhere. Hot inside. Hot outside. It’s hot everywhere. So I’m from the hood. Like many of you, you know how you used to take Pepsi or Gatorade or water? You put it in the freezer and then you take it out and you drink it the rest of the day and it melts. So I feel like in this room right now, like we were in the freezer and we’re starting to thaw out, but most of the stuff is still in the bottle. God can’t, God can’t do anything in this atmosphere, sphere, he can’t do. And some of y’all are holding back because maybe you’re not accustomed to it or maybe you’re new to the space.

But I’m just telling you right now, this room is frozen. This room is frozen. And God, he can’t manifest his glory in this room because you have to be a willing participant with God in order for the glory to fall. So I don’t know what we need to do, but I just need you to just kind of shake yourself loose. Shake yourself loose. Action. Neighbor, are you all right? Are you all right? Are you all right? Okay, now that the show has started and now that you’ve seen my outfit and now that you know I’m cool and I don’t stink and I like your perfume and all that, now I ain’t trying to holler. I’m just here to worship. I’m not looking at you. I don’t want your number. I want glory. And so if there’s somebody in here right now, if you can just focus on God now, come on.

I need what the spirit of the Lord is. There is liberty. I didn’t drive over here to leave here in the same situation. I didn’t leave here to leave. I didn’t come here to leave here the same way I came. So I need glory to arise in this place. Come on, open up your mouth. Come on, lift your hands. I need you to give them glory in this rope. Come on, let’s break every chain. Come on. And I’m not going to do it for you. Got to do it by yourself. Come on, open up your mouth. Give ’em glory in this room. Somebody online right now. God can meet you right where you are. He can come to Jacksonville, he can come to Florida. He can come right there. Lord. We come and we take authority over every principality and every dark space and every wicked place. Open up your mouth in this place and give them glory. You are almost there. You are almost there. You are. Almost there. Press in. I press toward the mark for the prize of the upward call. Come on, press, press, press. Your daughter’s waiting on your press. Your son is waiting on your press. Your money is waiting on your press. Your is in your press. Lift up your voice. We’ll just want Hallelujah. Come on, open up your mouth. That’s all we’re going to say.

Speaker 2 (00:03:22):
It just takes

Pastor Keion (00:03:22):
One worship. It just takes one praise.

Speaker 2 (00:03:25):
It just takes one.

Pastor Keion (00:03:26):
Hallelujah. It just takes one. Amen. I’m captivated. I’ll never be the same. Be the same. Just one more time. Everything. Alright, so let me say this. I grew up where you couldn’t go outside unless you did your chores on Saturday. Anybody remember that? There wasn’t no going outside until you did what mama said. Lemme see your hands if the world ain’t changed that much. So you couldn’t go outside until the job was done. So what I would do is I would clean the bathroom if I was in a hurry. And so y’all got new stuff these days like Fabuloso, but when we used to clean the bathroom, we had to use Ajax and Comet. If your cleaner didn’t come in a tin can and it wasn’t powder, you ain’t old enough. And if you clean stainless steel with Ajax and you got to work because it’ll leave a white film on it. Anybody old enough to know what I’m talking about? And my mama would come in the bathroom and she would look, especially that ring around the tub. Mama would say, do it again.

You cleaned at it. That’s what she would say. You cleaned at it. So she would make me do it again. And what she was trying to teach me is that you might as well do it right, so I’m about to tell you, y’all got to do it again. It was all right. It was all right, but I don’t have the weight of glory. I got the film of glory, but I don’t have the weight of glory. I don’t feel like I can walk in this atmosphere and have cancer and walk out and be healed. I don’t feel like I could walk into this atmosphere with back pain and walk out and my body be healed. If you want to get the most out of the environment you’re in, you have to put the most that you have in the

Speaker 2 (00:05:39):

Pastor Keion (00:05:40):
You can’t come here and give God half

Speaker 2 (00:05:42):
A praise and

Pastor Keion (00:05:43):
Ask for

Speaker 2 (00:05:43):
A full miracle. I’m looking for

Pastor Keion (00:05:45):
Somebody who wants everything that God

Speaker 2 (00:05:48):

Pastor Keion (00:05:49):

Speaker 2 (00:05:49):

Pastor Keion (00:05:50):

Speaker 2 (00:05:50):
Give him everything you have.

Pastor Keion (00:05:52):
Now I’m going to give you

Speaker 2 (00:05:53):
30 seconds to put

Pastor Keion (00:05:56):
The devil on. Notice that I will never be the same. Come on, you got 30 seconds. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go. You got 15, you got 15. I feel faith rising. I feel faith rising. Something’s about to happen, something’s about to happen. Something’s about to shake free. Something’s about to rip. I hear change falling in the spirit. Depression is leaving the room. Anxiety is leaving the room. Sickness is leaving the room. I bind every spirit of wickedness. I bind every witch. I bind every se head. I bind every principality who the son sets free.

I never do me a favor. Hug your neighbor and tell ’em everything’s about to change. Everything’s about to change. Everything’s about to change. Everything is about to change. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Everything. Your income bracket is going to change. The way you look at life is going to change. The people you are attracted to is about to change. The people who are attracted to you is about to change. Your friends are about to go to another level. Everything around me is about to rise. If you believe it, touch that neighbor and say, we’re going together. We’re going together. We’re going together. We’re going together. One can chase. 1,002 can put 10,000 the flight. I’m looking at somebody. I’m looking for somebody who will enjoy this miracle with me. I’m going higher in the Lord. I’m going higher. I’m going higher hall.

There it is. There it is. I knew you had it in you. Hallelujah. Now you don’t need the music now. You don’t need the praise team. Now you don’t need the instruments because the Bible says that everything that has breath, if you breathing unless you’re unconscious, I’m talking to you everything that has breath, Jesus glory. There it is. There it is. Glory. Glory. Oh no, I ain’t letting you off the hook that easy. I waited too long. Let’s go give him glory. Give them glory from the rising of the sun to the setting down of the same. The problem with most Christians is they walk into an environment looking for it to change them, but it is our job to change the environment. I need everybody who feels like you are on assignment to change the environment on your road. Tell your neighbor we about to praise Now, I don’t know if you want to do something else, you go to the church next door, but if you want to praise God, hallelujah.

Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. I come up against depression. I come up against anxiety. I come up against disease. I come up against the spirit of competition. I come up against the spirit of jealousy. Somebody shout I’m going to do me. I’m going to do me. I’m anointed the way I am. I’m blessed the way I am. I’m more than enough the way I’m spirit of the living. God fall fresh upon this place. Spirit of the living God, as the anointing comes downs, Aaron’s beard and it flows down. Mount Herman, so shall your glory be in this room today. Every online watcher and every person in this room under the sound of my voice, we walk in victory and we’re not going to wait until the battle is over.

We’re going to thank you right now that all things are working together for our good. In Jesus’ name we pray everybody who loves him, give him some praise in this place today. First Chronicles chapter 28. I’m only going to read one verse verse 19. This is our last week in the month of patterns. And the Lord gave me a word today. How many of you all have been seeking and searching? You feel like you’re close but you haven’t gotten there. You just haven’t all the way. It’s like it’s I’m talking to people who have had glimpses of glory, but you’re trying to figure out how to make it your reality and not just an occasion if you’re watching online, the Lord gave me this word. Verse 19 says all this, this is what David said. The Lord made me understand in writing by his hand upon me.

Even all the works, listen of this pattern, I’m going to give you context of as I’m preaching the word, but here’s the substratum of what God is saying. Just in case you zone out, he’s saying that it will never work until you build it according to the pattern I gave you. You don’t get to change the pattern I gave you. You have to build it. Like I said, when I came into this room today, we used to sublease this building from another church when I came in today because we now have total control over the space. If you just walk around, you’re starting to see us. If you go in the bathrooms, you’ll see us. If you go into some of the children areas, you’ll see us. The rooms have been painted, the walls have been painted and we’re still working on the space. I was with Pastor Hammond and I went upstairs where you all were and I said, we got to change this.

This has to be a better space for them to prepare for worship because the Lord has taught me something about leadership. Most people think about the end result. The leader has to pay attention to the details and if you are only a broad thinker, if you’re just like, I want to be rich, okay, that can happen. But how are you going to get there and what are you going to do once you arrive? So I was saying change the baseboard, clean the carpet, paint the wall, throw that stuff out, get some tables, light some candles. You’ve got to take care of your environment. Your environment speaks to your state of mind. What does your car look like right now?

Oh, don’t get quiet now. I don’t know. So you might as well say amen. Like it’s clean. Just act like if I go to your car right now, you got seven outfits in the trunk. You got a blanket in the back seat. It ain’t been vacuumed in six, but you want me to believe your mind is in order. Your environment is an indicator of how you think and what you see us. Excellent. Oh, now this is really only for 3% of the people watching and in the room, who am I talking to so far? God told me to tell you if you’re going to get to the next level, you have to pay attention to the details. That’s what I want to talk about. Attention to detail. Every woman, you know how you look in the mirror when you’re done at the beauty shop and you’re making sure she gave you exactly what you wanted and if it ain’t the color you wanted, either you’re going to complain, ask for it free or sit there until it’s done. That’s the same way I want you looking at your dreams the same way, brother. When you get that mirror and you looking at that shape up, that lineup, that beard, and if it ain’t the way you want it, you tell ’em to do it again. The same way you want to be served is the same way. I want you to start serving yourself.

Touch your neighbor on your way down your seat and say, pay attention. Attention to the details. You may be seated in the presence of the Lord. Are y’all ready for a word? I said, are you ready for a word? When we consider the work of God, when we consider the work of God, I know at least for me, I can see time and time and time again that God is a God of patterns. Say he’s a God of patterns in every age throughout history and numerous causes. I want you to go back and study this. You can Google everything that I’m going to say today. It has been seen throughout history, especially with the children of Israel, that God had a blueprint for them and every time they mishandled or did not follow the blueprint, there were consequences when they decided to defect and not worship him the way they should. The Bible says that 13 times God sent a famine in the land. Think about that 13 times God send the famine. Why did God send the famine? Because he hates ’em. No, he loves ’em. Why did God dry everything up? Because they were not his. No, they were His God dried everything up because he refuses. He refuses to fund dreams that are not given by him.

He refuses to water grass that he didn’t plant. He refuses to authenticate a relationship that he didn’t give you permission to get in and you can pray all you want, but if that ain’t the one God got for you, it just won’t get the hand of God. Now you can get what you want. Saul, I can give you a king, but my Oreo won’t flow. I can give you, in fact, I’ll give you the desires of your heart, but you have to be like David and make sure that you are a man and or woman after God’s own heart. So that way the hearts are succinct and that when God sends the blessing, he will bless that which he has touched. Are you with me so far? You have to make sure that if you’re going to live a life of exceptionalism, that you have to follow the pattern that God has for you.

Make sure that you don’t try to cheat on the test and look over somebody else’s shoulder and write down their answers. There is a pattern for your life that won’t work for anybody else’s. Are you listening to me? I can come and grab your iPhone right now. How many of y’all don’t have an iPhone? You don’t. Okay, this part of sermon ain’t for you. I can go and grab your iPhone right now and put it up to my face. It won’t open. You know why? Because although we both have eyes and we both have a nose and we both have lips and we both have a forehead and we both have cheeks and we both have a chin, my phone and your phone won’t open to the other face is because although we all have the same pieces, we don’t all have the same pattern.

Come on, that phone unlocks according to the pattern that was set in the beginning. You better come here and if that pattern doesn’t work, it doesn’t unfold. If the pattern doesn’t fit, it will never open. And so it doesn’t matter how many times I put your phone in front of my face, it will never open to me because that is not the pattern that was set. And watch this. If you keep putting the wrong pattern in, it will lock you out and the longer listen and the more times you keep trying to put the wrong pattern, the time of the lockout frame continues to extend. Why? Because the iPhone will never let you access information that isn’t associated with the set pattern. I’m wondering how many times have you put your face up to a destiny that’s not yours? Asking God to open something that doesn’t have your name on it, doesn’t have your d n a on.

It doesn’t have, there is nothing about it and you that’s connected destiny. I’m trying to get you to understand that God has a set pattern for you and pretending or trying to be somebody else is the quickest way to ensure that your destiny locks you out. I want you to find out what’s for you. Ask your neighbor, do you know what’s for you in the Bible? In Genesis one, we can see God’s divine pattern and his intended design. Watch this. So God created in this order and it was logical. On the first day, he created light and darkness. On the second day the atmosphere on the third day, he separated the waters. Then the sun, the moon and the stars came, and then the birds came and the fish came. And on the sixth day, God created animal and man, now watch this. What if God on the first day would’ve created animal and man, then what would he eat or drink and what if God would’ve created, watch this, the flowers before the sun and the moon, then the flowers and the vegetation would’ve died because there would’ve been no water nor sunlight to keep it alive.

Look at God’s order. He creates a thing and then makes sure that the next thing that he creates is sustained by the thing he already created. Are you listening to me? Everybody say details. You got to pay attention to this. God didn’t just create the Son on the day he created the son because the day he woke up and said, I’m going to do the son today. He had a plan in place. He had a pattern and he knew that he wanted to make man. And so he started with all of the things that man would need, the light and the darkness, the sun and the water, the vegetation and the animals, and then made sure that man needed all of those things to live because God had a pattern and had he reversed the pattern, then everything would have died before the next day.

I’m trying to get you to see something here because the elements of the atmosphere was created for the second day because the plants required it to survive. The sun was created, which the vegetation needed. The vegetation would’ve ceased to be if the sun had been delayed. And I’m just trying to get you to understand in this introduction that there are some things in your life that you were able to actually get off of the ground but they never lived because you didn’t build according to pattern. So what we do today is we go after relationship, but we don’t work on security. We go after a boo, but we don’t work on jealousy. We go after companionship, but we don’t work on ourselves and so we go get something that our life is not set up to sustain. Oh, come on, touch your neighbor and say you’re out of order. You got a thousand dollars card note before you got a thousand dollars paycheck. Come on y’all. Listen, I ain’t going to stay here all day. Y’all better say something to me. It’s out of order. You went and got the car before you got the house and now you got the car and now you’re praying for the house and God said, why did you go get what you want and then pray for what you need?

Oh, this is uncomfortable. Touch your neighbor saying I’m uncomfortable. I’m uncomfortable. I got credit cards but I don’t have insurance. I got credit cards but I don’t have health coverage. I got high rent but I have no savings account because my life is out of order. I came to preach today. I got Christian Louis Vuittons, but I don’t pray. I got red bottles but I ain’t got the blood. I’ve got all of this stuff that I can’t fit. My hair is done, my nails are done, my hair is cut. I got rims on my truck that rhyme. I’m a wrapper man, that was dope. I got bars and I ain’t try to do that. That’s how smooth I am. That was accidental. Imagine if I did it on purpose, you feel me? I say you clapping bro. We got all of this stuff but our life is out of order because now when God brings the real business opportunity, you can’t invest because you’re overdressed.

You got an iced out Cartier, but you can’t invest in property because you didn’t build your life. I’m going to preach today according to the pattern, you got all of the things that a great life looks like, but you can’t enjoy nothing you have because you’re stressed out about the real life God has for you. Touch your neighbors, say pay attention to the details and live according to the pattern that God has for you. God is a God of patterns. Any planet, I guess I like Animal Planet, I like National Geographic. Anybody watch that kind of stuff? I don’t know if people watch that stuff anymore, but when I was growing up, we watched it. There is a great migration that the wildebeests do. Anybody go back and watch it? They start out in Tanzania in the Serengeti and they go to the Maari in Kenya and it’s a 1,250 mile migration that happens every year.

Every year the wildebeests go from Tanzania to Kenya 1,200 miles and back clockwise every year for millennia. How does the wildebeest that was just born last month understand that it has to take a clockwise 1,250 mile migration and it just arrived. You know why? Because the parents set the pattern and so when the sea turtles are born, they don’t have to think about where they’re going. It is ingrained in them that the moment they hatch out of the egg that they’re supposed to go towards the ocean. Why? Because it is an ingrained pattern. You’ve got to find the patterns in your life so that you can end up in the oceans of your dreams so that you can end up in the plush places of your destiny. Because if you don’t follow the pattern God has for you, you will continue to find deserts and dry places having to pray for water.

Watch this when you are where God wants you to be, you won’t have to pray so hard. Come here, come here, come here. You won’t have to fast so hard. You won’t have to cry so much when you get what God has for you who the son’s free. It’s free. And indeed, I’m telling you right now, when you get what God wants you to be, life is going to get easier. When you get where God wants you to be, you’re going to actually find friends that you like and that you can trust. When you get where God wants you to be, you’re actually going to see money start to flow to you. When you get where God wants you to be, you’re going to start to see that depression will not be your portion. Why? Because it is easier to go through the eye of the needle than it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. What that means is that when you go in the direction that God wants you to go, it is easier for you to enter where God has for you. You always have to struggle to fit into something that’s not yours.

The eye of the needle. Let me give you an example. Whenever the camel would go through the eye of the needle at the west gate, the camel would have to bend down. They would have to take all of the stuff off the animal because the hole was only big enough for the camel to get through. Not with his baggage, not with the stuff he was carrying. It was only made for the camel to get through. And every time you get to a place in destiny and you can’t get through, it’s God’s way of saying you’re bringing too much stuff.

The portal into your destiny is only big enough for the size of you. But when you bring hurt and pain in high school and daddy issues and mama hurt and sibling rivalry, when you try to bring all of that into the next level, you get locked out because you did not come in according to the pattern. Everybody say patterns. It’s not just that God is a God of patterns. Business is according to pattern. Toyota makes 10,500,000 cars a year on an assembly line. You know how they make so many pattern? All the mufflers come off this way, all the brakes come off that way. All of the doors are made according to pattern. You ever got in a car and you have some buttons that don’t work well, if you upgrade your car, those buttons will be in there. They don’t make a different console for every car.

They just make one pattern and based on the model you buy that determines which button works. But everything is according. Say it again, according to pattern. What is a pattern? A pattern is nothing more than a repeatable design. A pattern is created. Watch this for the purpose of it being imitated. So what God is saying today, and here’s the first point of the message. I want you to learn to study the pattern I have for you. That’s point number one. Study the pattern I have for you, which means you’re not going to get your pattern off Instagram.

You’re not going to get your pattern off TikTok because the pattern that God has for you is not the person who you looking at. So you can take the same pictures, go to the same restaurants, go to the same beaches and take pictures and think it’s going to increase your following, but God didn’t create you to be a travel agent. He created you to be something else so you can travel all around the world and never get the engagement because that’s somebody else’s pattern. Are you listening to me so far? So he says, I want you to follow your pattern. I want you to study your pattern. God told Noah to build an arc and then the Bible says this is how many doors it needs. This is how many windows it’s got to have. It can only be this amount of floors. I want you to do this to it.

I want you to do that. Here are the dimensions. He says, Noah, I’m telling you what to build and I’m giving you the pattern on how to build it. And the Bible says, and I’m getting ready to help you. In Genesis six and 22, the Bible says that Noah did according to all, that God told him according to all, that God told him. And watch this and the Bible says in the next verse, and as a result of Noah following the pattern, he was given one verse later says, God says, I have seen that you are righteous before me in this generation. If Noah had decided to build the ark the size he wanted it to be, then God would never have determined him to be righteous. He says, I want you to build it the size. I said build it. I don’t care what size you want it to be, I want you to build it in the season.

I said build it. I don’t care when you want to build it. I want you to have on the boat who I said should be on the boat and you don’t get to open the door and let other people on the boat just because they did you a favor or because you liked them. I’ve got eight people I want on your boat. I want you to build it at this specific time and if you try to open the door, watch this and let anybody on the boat I didn’t invite, you’re going to drown with them.

God said, no, I got enough for you and your family. Everybody else has to die. I’m wondering how many people in this room have people on your boat that God told you to lock the door on? I wonder how many people watching me online and in this room and I can tell I’m wearing y’all out by how quiet you are. I’m wondering how many people in this room have given somebody another chance that God ain’t even gave another chance to. I’m wondering who you trying to work it out with and God done told you, girl, I done told you crazy, but if you don’t move on, you going to stay depressed. Is there anybody in here that at least shot about the fact that you got some storeway on your ship? Touch your neighbor, say, I got some folk in my life that ain’t supposed to be how you know, got some folk in your life that you know ain’t supposed to be there because every time they call you you don’t want to answer, you’re just looking at it, but then something in you makes you answer because you are addicted to the situation because somehow you think you’re going to change the pattern.

I can change him. Okay, keep trying. You can change your hair but you can’t change him. You can change your address but you can’t change people. You can move to another state, but if you don’t change you trouble will follow you on Southwest Airlines.

Oh, trouble got plane tickets too. Have you ever noticed trouble? Matter of fact, trouble got a private jet because trouble be there before you get there. Somebody shall stick to the pattern. Stick to the pattern. You have a pattern that God has given you and you got to stick to the design that God has given you. Don’t let people who are mean make you mean. Don’t let jealous people make you jealous. Don’t make people who are envious make you envious and don’t change your whole persona because somebody did something you don’t like. You got to stay you because there’s a blessing that God has that rests on the authentic version of you.

That’s why the Bible says if they give you a stone, you give them bread. In other words, he’s saying don’t allow people to make you change who you are because you don’t like who they are. I got a blessing set for the pattern that I have given you and you cannot alter the pattern or you will delay the blessing. Oh, I wish I had a church in here today. Later on there was another arc that was built. The Bible says there was something called the tabernacle. Then there was another arc in it. It was called the arc of the covenant and on the arc of the covenant God says, oh, you’re going to build this one away. I said, build it too on the top of it, put a mercy seat. He says, I want you to put gold on the outside, wood on the inside and then I want you to put gold on the inside of that and inside of that I want you to put Aaron’s rod, I want you to put the two tablets with the law on it and I want you to put the manner in it. I want you to build it and then I want you to fill it with what I said. Fill it with, because some of us try to negotiate, God, I’ll build what you said, but can I fill it with what I want?

God says, Nope, you got to build it this way. You got to do it this way. You got to build it this dimension. I want it this size, I want it this way. This is the kind of gold. This is how I want the gold handle. I need you to build it exactly the way I want you to build it. David even tried to build the temple then he didn’t get a chance to do it. Solomon did his son, but then God says, Solomon, this is how you’re going to build it. I want you to do this. I want you to do that. I want you to build it exactly the way I want you to. I’m about to help somebody. Now, when Solomon built the temple, the Bible says he built it to the pattern God gave him and the Bible says in second Chronicles, you better write this down.

He says that after he built it the way God said, build it. Listen, y’all listening, y’all don’t want me to tell you. I’m just going. Lemme find three people. I’m going to talk to you, you and the green and you two over there. The rest of y’all go to sleep. I got five people I’m about to help and you can loan them the money after we get there. The Bible says that after he built it, according to how God told him to build it. Are you listening to me? The Bible says that the glory filled the house. I’m going to say it again.

God told him to build it and he built it and he stuck to the design that God told him to build it with and he says as a result of Solomon building it the way that God told him to build it, he says that the glory filled the house. Whenever you build it, like God said, build it, he’s obligated to feel it. This is good to me. When you build it like God says build it, then all of a sudden blessings start coming down. When you build it like God says build it, all of a sudden you get job offers that you don’t even qualify for. When you build it like God says build it, all of a sudden you start getting good credit scores. When you build it like God says build it, all of a sudden you start applying for loans and getting credit card in the mail that you didn’t even apply for.

When you seek you first the kingdom of God and its righteousness, all other things shall be added unto you. I need 200 people to touch somebody to say I’m in my adding season because I’m about to build this thing the way God said build it and I’m about to get blessings from every which direction God told me to tell. 200 of y’all to start watching out for fallen blessings. You’re going to get blessed when you come. You’re going to get blessed when you go. You’re going to get blessed in the city. You’re going to get blessed in the field. You’re going to get blessed when you’re up. You’re going to get blessed when you’re down. I need all of the excited people to slap somebody to say the blessings on the way.

When you do it like God says, do it. God blesses you like only he can. I said when you do it like God says, do it. By the way, we should be worshiping in this room right now because this is a house of worship, but some of y’all still looking at me like I’m crazy, so I need all of y’all who worshiping to just do this to your neighbor. Say, yep, I’m taking yours too. You can sit there and act ashy if you want to, but I want the glory of the Lord. I want God to fill it. I’m tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul. I’m tired of worrying about bills. I’m tired of being hungry. I’m about to take care of my house. I’m about to take care of my mama house. I’m going to have college money for my two year old.

I’m about to live a life of abundance. If I’m talking to you and you believe God is going to fill it, shout yes, touch five people to say God’s about to fill it. He’s about to fill it. He’s about to fill your bank account. He’s about to fill your mind with ideas. He’s about to put your name in the mouth of people who have opportunities. God is going to sit you next to people who have the opportunity to change your life. Why? Because when you build your life according to his pattern, God fills the room.

God. Oh man, I’m talking to somebody. Somebody say I can feel it. I can feel him feeling it. I feel the Holy Ghost. I can feel him feeling it. Matter of fact, when some of y’all get home, you’re going to have a text message that says it’s already been done. Was it the lady was Pastor Hammond? Was it the lady that was up here praying student loans? This lady here, she was at Nacho, typical babe. She was at Nacho typical and she had a huge amount of student loans. I almost want to figure out how long she went to school for because her student loans was off the chain. Wednesday at 1:00 AM see church was over about 9 30, 3 and a half hours later. I don’t know who I’m prophesying to, but in three and a half hours, oh, I’m going to talk to you online.

No, no, don’t get, Nope, don’t start praising now go back to being ashy like you were. I’m talking to you online in three and a half hours there’s a miracle coming to your house. I prophesied at nine 30 that the student loan debt will be gone and by 1:00 AM $120,000 worth of student loans had evaporated. I’m speaking to somebody in the room, hold on, stop shouting because you ain’t going to get it if you don’t build your life according to pattern. You can shout and try to manipulate God all you want to, but when she was up here praying, I told my wife, I said, baby, that lady right there, she don’t just pray, she know the word. There’s a difference when you’re just saying, Lord, I thank you Lord, I thank you. You’re being good. Thank you Jesus. But you are up here quoting scripture and you are saying the word and the only thing that God responds to is his pattern.

He only responds to his word thy word. Have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against you? If you want God to feel it, too many people coming for his presence thinking they’re going to manipulate him with a shout. He got angels in heaven doing that. If you want God to feel it, you have to build your life according to the design and study the design he has for you. She said in her message, she said, I have been praying for my student loans to disappear. I’ve been doing this for years. She’d been asking God to take this off of her for nearly a decade or more, but she joined the right church, God under the right anointing for the season that she was in and when I released my anointing, the blessing came to her house because she had a thousand churches she could have joined, but none of the churches she would’ve joined would’ve been according to the pattern that God had somebody say the pattern. That means that if this is your church and you got an ex that go here, y’all just need to sit on different sides. Don’t let nobody run you out of your church. Ain’t dating no more. Oh you ain’t going to say amen in here. Wave at ’em like, Hey, you got a new boo because I don’t want you no more. Hurry up and get one so you can stop looking at me. I came here because this is where God assigned me. How many of y’all know God assigned you to this house?

Repeat after me. Study the design you were given study to show thyself. Approve that you might be able to rightly divine the word of you have to study it. I didn’t say browse over it no brow. I’m preaching because see, this is what separates the women from the girls and the men from the boys. Study it. Some of y’all got through school because somebody else studied and you was cool with the studier but you ain’t going to graduate life because can’t nobody take the test when it comes to your design. All teachers got to do to stop. All cheating is just give everybody a different test but they can’t because they stuck in the pattern. That’s why education doesn’t work. The way it needs to work is because we using the same pattern 500 years later on children who don’t even learn the same.

This is the same education system from Henry Ford’s kids. I can get into that right now. I don’t even feel like getting all the way over there. Pattern. What is the design he has for you? Come on, come on, come on you come on. For a person who was born, when you were born, where you were born with the parents you have with the way you think, with the way you work, what is your design? You and your girlfriends can’t come up with a plan for y’all. We going to all get married by 25. That ain’t your design.

Okay, let’s all have our baby by 30. That ain’t your design. What is your design for some of you all marriage ain’t in the cards. No. Paul said, I’d rather you know what? Let me get back. Let get out of here. Okay. Paul said, for some of you I wish you would stay single and not single because you don’t need compassion shit, but you are too stingy for that pattern right now. You’re too jealous for that pattern right now or you’re still too hurt for that pattern. Wait until you heal and then God will show you a different pattern and some of you’all are not supposed to be married because you’re supposed to use the rest of your life for the work of the Lord and the Bible says that as long as you’re in the work of the Lord, you can maintain singleness as long as you can maintain singleness.

I’m going to take a drink and let you swallow everybody. Shout, study the design, study your design details. I want you like this on your design. Check it out. Good, check it out. Good. I want you to pay attention to the kind of details as the leader that says, why is that light still hanging up there? You see it? This one, pay attention. Soon as I come in church pay attention to me before I can even hear them singing. I’m like this, I have a design. I have something that I have been given. I have to take care of it.

Design, pay attention and if abrasions don’t bother you, you’re not ready. It’s like some people could see stuff and be like, okay, it’s just a car. Why are you praying for a new one? God ain’t going to give you nothing else until you take care of what you have. How many people guilty of asking for the next thing and ain’t taking care of the current thing? Raise your hand if I’m talking to you. It is like how many of y’all remember asking your mama for some shoes and she looked at the ones on your feet said, I’m not buying you no Jordans until you can take head of them pro wings. Y’all remember that? Oh, y’all too young. I forgot we used to have pro wings. The bottom of our shoes was plastic. This generation, they don’t know nothing about ones. They just get mad if they don’t get more than one. One. You got to study the design that God has for you. Number two, after you study it, are you still listening? You going to have a whole lot of distractions.

You going to have a whole lot of opportunities for people who not doing their design to travel when you need to be at home working, let’s go to Bahamas. No, I’m staying at home. I got stuff to do. I’m going to invest that $5,000 instead of spending it. Oh, I knew this wasn’t going to be good. After you study the design, look at me and you might be the only one in your circle to do this. Stick to your design. Don’t let nobody who ain’t in your season make you come out of your design to live the life that they’re living. You got to know which season you are in and you got to stick to that design.

Somebody say stick with it with it. How long did it take Noah to build an art? 120 years. See, everybody said Noah built the art. Did nobody tell you that? It took him a century and two decades to build one boat 120 years on one assignment. I’m going to stay right there a hundred. Now I know you ain’t got 120 years, but most of us won’t stay on nothing three months before we quit. If it don’t yield what you wanted to yield in the timeframe that you have already predetermined, I’m going to give it six weeks and if it ain’t six weeks, then it ain’t the Lord who says who you.

When it doesn’t happen in the timeframe we want it to happen. We change designs. You got to stick to the design. It took him a hundred, it 20 years without complaint to stick with the design that God gave him. Every time you complain you start to clock over and here it is listening. He built a boat and it had never rained. Listen, he built something for something that didn’t even exist yet. I know it’s hard for you to understand this because you’ve always had an ocean since you’ve been alive. You’ve always had rain since you’ve been alive. Noah built a boat on dry land and he built a boat with no access to water.

The Bible says that at that time they were drinking the water from the dew of the ground. It hadn’t rained. You see how I’ve been in Texas the last two months? This is what it was like for Noah every day for 120 years, no rain and he out here building a boat for water. They were looking at him like that fool. Look at that fool over there. Boy, I don’t know what he owned, but he building a boat and it ain’t even no water because when you doing your design, you look crazy to people who don’t have the same design as you. Have you ever did something somebody be like, oh, that don’t make sense? Yeah, not for you.

God got a design for me that doesn’t fit you. How many of you know have your own unique design? You have to stick with the design and it’s going to take you some time to build something real. Any real cookers in here? Anybody cook now? Anybody who cook for real? No. It take time. Come on now. When you know how to really cook, you start cooking days before you start cooking, huh? You got to be like, no, I got to go to the epicurean market. They’re the only ones that got the meat I want to use. I like my green beans fresh. You know where you’re going to shop? Come on. You know how to look at it and be like, that ain’t going to work. You know how many pounds of this you need? How much? Because when it’s real it takes time. But in our generation, real food can come in the mail.

Come on. No. See, there’s a direct correlation between how we work after our vision and the accoutrements that life has set up for us. See, because right now you can get your meals prepped and sent to you and you can pop ’em in the microwave in two minutes and still think it’s real. Come on. The problem is, is that it’s real, but it’s been through a process and the Lord showed me that how many of us are surviving off of processed designs, something put in it to extend the shelf life Because lemme tell you, real food don’t last long.

You don’t have forever to drink real milk. You don’t have forever to drink real wine and if your wine you screwed the top off of it, it’s probably not real. I’m not talking about nobody. I’m just talking about if it came from Walgreens and it got the same cap on it as a Pepsi, I’m just saying you might not as well got a Pepsi. As a matter of fact, everybody say stick. Stick with the design, the design. Number three, your design has a system, the system of the design. Now let’s talk about why this is difficult, okay? God has a design, doesn’t he? Okay, let’s prove it. He created the Garden of Eden, put trees in the garden of Eden and said to man, you can have of every tree in the garden except for which one? The tree in the center of the garden, which was the tree of knowledge. Alright man says, but God, if we eat at that tree, we won’t surely die. God said. Now, I had told y’all, now you can eat everything you want, everything you have, everything you want, but the tree in the center of the garden do not touch.

What did he mean? Don’t hold it or did he mean? Don’t touch it, touch it. Come on, y’all is serious. I want you to hear me because you always get kicked out of the garden when you try to match your principle with God’s pattern. This is good. This is the best part of the sermon right here. So what we do is we try to negotiate with God. God says, don’t do it. Well God, if you just forgive me this time, I won’t ever wake up. You ain’t that sleepy. Look at me. I won’t ever. Okay, then he gets you out. Alright, God, I ain’t never going to do that.

Jesus, you know my heart. Who am I talking to in here? Ain’t no sense. Ain’t no future in your front. You might as well going to tell the truth. And so now God has a pattern and we introduce our principles and here is the conflict. When you start telling God how to be God, oh God, it’s like the constitution of the United States of America. It gives us these inalienable rights and it says that we have the freedom of free expression and the right to do this and the right to do that and lawful assembly, but then we take it too far, we take it too far and the entire battle on the earth right now is between God’s pattern and man’s principles. God says, upon this rock, I’ll build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. That’s God’s pattern. Here are our principles. Yeah, God, you built a church, but we’re going to build a church of God in Christ. We’re going to build the assemblies of Christ, we’re going to build.

God builds the church, we build the denominations, and now all y’all ain’t going to say amen in here today. See, this is the entire problem. God gives the pattern and then we start adding our little 2 cents to it and we start bringing our opinions and our principles to it and watch this. This is what God says. He says, listen, whenever God has a pattern and it runs into man’s principles, a wall of separation is built between God and man, which stops the flow of God’s power in your life. Anytime God gives you a pattern and you give him your opinion, you block the flow.

Anybody in here guilty of telling God I don’t want to do it that way. And if you don’t say what your mouth, you say what your actions. I want it done this way. I want it done quicker than you want it done. I want it done faster than you want it done. I want it done this way. I want it done that way. And so you stick to your principles and you block the flow of God’s blessings because God can only accomplish the thing he has for you through the pattern he has set. And sometimes it takes 120 years for you. You’re not going to live that long, but I mean six months, six years, the timeframe that God has for man, Luke 1626 says, watch this. And besides all this between us and you, a great gulf has been set in place so that those who want to go from here to you cannot nor can anyone cross over from there to us. God says, every time my pattern runs up against your principle, the space between you and I gets wider.

Have you ever felt far from God? Have you ever felt like, man, where is he? What is taking him so long? Why is it not happening? God says, I’m battling against your principles. Thank you, holy Spirit. Our principles are keeping us from getting the design that God has for us. Here it is. The Bible says in Ephesians six and 12, for we struggle, not we wrestle not against what? Flesh and blood, but against principalities principles. This is about to be good. I’m about to wear y’all out on this principalities, the fifth hierarchy of the celestial order. He says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principles, principalities, I’m wrestling with your opinion.

Your opinion has gotten in my way. I had one Lord, one faith, one baptism. But you wanted to change that and give us many ways to God. Moses, I told you that you were to speak to God’s people, but you gave me your opinion. God, I stutter and I can’t talk. Did I ask you what your infirmity was? God says, I got a design for you. And what if the design was to have a leader who couldn’t talk? The problem with Moses is he learned to talk. Oh, you missed that. God didn’t need anybody to talk. He just needed somebody who would stress forth their rod. But because Moses wanted to use his mouth, he missed the promised land. God says, your opinions, your principalities, your wickedness, it’s keeping me from doing for you and you are making me look bad as a business owner because I have too many clients whose needs are not being met. And you won’t tell anybody. You voided the warranty because you did not follow the rules. So you got people thinking God ain’t good because you don’t have everything in your life, but you won’t tell ’em the whole story. I’ve been hardhead.

I go to church every Sunday, but I go for entertainment. I don’t go to change. I was playing golf with a brother the other day and he knew a dude that knew me and he was like, what happened with you and that dude? And I was like, well, I didn’t know nothing happened. I know he stopped coming around and I know he did this and he did that, but I said, I didn’t know anything was wrong. He said, yeah, he said, you did this and you did that. And I said, oh, okay. Well, that was about a year ago now, recently I saw the guy and he apologized to me for everything he did, and he apologized to me for everything he said. So I told the guy, I said, yeah, I seen the dude. He apologized for everything he did. He said, he apologized to you.

I said, yeah, but he ain’t going to come back and tell you the whole story and see, you can’t live your whole life litigating people’s misunderstandings and miscommunications. I know what I did. I know I lived according to the pattern. I know that that person stepped out of the pattern. And listen, there is room for you to be blessed in the way you want to go, but if you’re going to tell a story about somebody when you correct a story, can you go back and correct that story with all of the people you told the wrong story to everybody? Say, stay with the pattern. Stay with pattern and God will give you what you want. When Israel wanted a king, God gave him Saul. He says, I’ll give you what you want. I just won’t let my oil flow on it. I’ll let you walk around with everything you’ve ever prayed for and ever asked for.

I’m just not going to bless it. You can have it, but I’m not going to bless it. And if I don’t bless it, it won’t last. If I don’t bless it, it won’t multiply. If I don’t bless it, it won’t help your children. I’ll give it to you, but you have to get it according to my pattern. Let me give you this word and this one I’m going to have to massage your shoulders after I say this one, then I’m going to say something positive and then we’re going to go home. Okay? Listen to this. I’m going to read something to you. It changed my life. Remember? So God told Samuel, he says, do you think all God wants our sacrifices? He’s saying this to Saul. He says, your sacrifices are empty rituals, empty rituals. He says, I want you to listen and be obedient and here’s the part of the scripture that we all quote, but we don’t know the substratum of it, of the pretext. He says, obedience is better. Come on, talk to me than sacrifice. He says, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

I know this is going to be hard. God says, every time you obey me, disobey me. You are a witch. I know this is going to be hard. Look at me, church, look at me, look at me. This is what you call pastoring. I’m not here to entertain you right now. I’m trying to get you ready for life. God says, obedience is better than sacrifice. Disobedience is as witchcraft. He says, so every time you don’t listen to my pattern and design, you’re witch. He says, but let me redefine witch for you because a witch ain’t somebody who has a low pointy nose and a black top hat and has a broom. He says, a witch, listen, according to Hebrew etymology, a witch by definition is somebody who knows Jesus help me in this church. Let me get out of here. I got to go. He said, by definition, a witch is not somebody who has tarot cards and has a brew that they stir with a chicken foot, which is not a person with a long nose and award on it, or which is somebody who think they knows. He says, all rebellion is you thinking you know better than me. And God says, every time you think you know better than me, you’re a witch who help me. Holy Spirit, help me. Holy Ghost. So you keep on calling everybody else witches, he says, but every time you get in the way of my design and I tell you what to do and you do what you want to do, you’re the witch.

My question is how many witches are in the room? Y’all looking at me like a deer in headlights because you thought a witch was somebody other than you? Every time you disobey me and you try to input your words in my design, you’re practicing witchcraft. See, this is why you ought to fear the Lord with trembling and there ain’t enough people afraid of God. They just think they can keep doing what they want to do. God says obedience is better than sacrifice. And let me tell you something, every time you sacrifice obedience, witchcraft, witchcraft, not Ouija boards, not tarot cards, not Ms. Cleo, not her, Ms. Cleo’s an entrepreneur.

Come on. Ms. Cleo’s an entrepreneur. She know. She knew exactly come on what she was doing. But when you are a child of God, you are actually saying when you say he’s your Lord and savior, the word Lord means director. So when you say He’s my Lord and Savior, you’re saying he’s my director and every time you step out from under the auspices, the director and say, I’m going to do it my way, witchcraft. I’m going to ask it once again. How many witches are in the room? Male witches too. Come on, come on, come on. This ain’t no female thing. This ain’t no gender issue. When you are rebellious against the pattern of God, witchcraft help us. Help us, Lord.

This is why the church don’t have no power because when you preach this stuff, everybody go to sleep. All we want to know is if I turn around three times and slap my neighbor, I’m going to get a miracle. Yeah, you going to get one You can’t keep. I’m trying to unearth the clog you have in your heart so you will understand that the moment you step into the design that God has for you, your whole life is going to change. I want you to get to the place in your life where goodness and mercy starts to follow you instead of you always running from bad and terrible.

God says, if you are obedient to me and you study the pattern and you stick with the pattern, watch this. Are you ready for this and I’m going to leave you alone. God says, I’m about to make your life a symbolic pattern. In other words, I’m going to bless you so much that people are going to look to pattern their life after you. How many of you believe that God will bless you so much that your life will become an example for how you should walk according to the ways of the Lord? If you believe it, I want you to start giving God praise in this place today. Somebody say, God’s going to make my life a symbol. My children are going to be blessed because of the way I walked. My son is going to be blessed because of the way I walked. My nieces and nephews are going to be beneficiaries of the life that I built according to the design that God has for me.

Stand on your feet. I want you to stand on your feet. I am not here to make you excited about what I said today. I have no intentions and had none on trying to see how loud you can shout. You’ve shouted before and you still walked out, defeated when I got the word that you had got the student loan relief, and I said, and I’ve been praying for it for so long. You know that there are so many instances in the Bible where somebody met Jesus and the Bible says, and immediately it happened. So if you serve a God that can do it immediately you have to ask yourself, what’s taking so long?

You know why the woman with the issue of blood bled for 12 years? Anybody want to just think? You want to know why she bled for a decade and two years? It’s because it took her 12 years to ask the right doctor. Physicians. The Bible says she went to many physicians the whole time. Jesus was a physician, but she went to many physicians and gave them all of her money, but they couldn’t do her any good because she was trying to get the right thing the wrong way. Do you want to know why? The man laid at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years and then all of a sudden Jesus showed up and in one day he picked up his bed, put it on his shoulder and started walking. Did it take God 38 years to heal the man or did it take him 38 years to recognize the healing wasn’t in the water?

Oh God, help me in this place. Wouldn’t you understand that the pattern of God is not about being perfected or being perfect but being perfected? When the Bible says that he found a tax collector by the name of Zacchaeus that nobody wanted him to deal with, but he went to his house and ate dinner. That’s his pattern. I came to seek and save that which is lost and he didn’t let anybody talking about him change his pattern. Our generation, we just keep trying stuff until we stumble up on something. The older generation to tell you, all you got to do is just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

All you got to do is find out what God has for you and I just want you to stick with it. Just somebody to say, stick with it. I want you to stay right with it. I want you to hammer that nail over and over again. It might feel like it’s not going in. It might feel like you’re not making any progress, but I just want you to stick with it. Oh my God, I keep going through the same thing. Stick with it. I’m so stick with it. I mean, just stay with it. Just stay with it. Just stay with it. Weeping may endure it for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Stick with it. Stick with it, stick with it. No weapon formed against you or prosper. Stick with it. Stick with it. Stick with it. You can’t get tired and try to change the pattern. You can’t get tried and try to do it another way. You can’t get tired and try to manipulate God. Somebody just slapped three people and say, stick with it, stick with it, stick with it. I’m going to stay on the battlefield for the Lord. I’m going to lean not to my own understanding and I’m going to acknowledge him in all of my ways. Stick with it. It works.

Anytime you do something for a result and you don’t get the result and you change it, it’s called manipulation. It’s like coming in the house and your spouse wants to be greeted and you greet him, but then the next day you mad at him. So you walk right past him and you’re not walking past him for the sake of not want to speak to ’em. You’re really doing it so they can ask you what’s wrong because you only have a defense for the question. You don’t have the maturity to get over it. So you can argue it out, but you can’t talk it out.

Stick to the design. I’m 42 years old and everybody all over the country keeps telling me how blessed I am and how they love our church and our church is off the hook. I ain’t going to lie. It is the bomb. I ain’t going to lie now it’s dope facts. It is all that. And I wish y’all can see online. It’s full in here and if we go north, it’s full over there. And if we go to George R. Brown, it’s full over there. God feels every place we go. I’ve been at this church for 14 years. I’ve been preaching 28 years. I’ve given this church half of my entire adult ministry and everybody is congratulating us on what we built. Thank you so much. But we are only here because I stuck with it.

It started with five people and $796. If I had quit at 10 people, 20 people, a hundred people, and believe me, there were many opportunities to quit. Not only listen to me, not only were there opportunities to quit, there were opportunities to go to places when I had been offered churches larger than the one I had. But you know what I did? Because I know the design he had for me. And I wasn’t going to leave small for big because that wasn’t in my design. I stuck with what God gave me and now I built something that has my d n A in it. Are you listening to me? Are you really hearing me? Who was I preaching to over the last 50 minutes?

Stick with it, study it and stick with it. Study it and stick with it. Study your family and find out why everybody keeps going through the same thing. Your mama went through that same trauma at this same age. Go back and ask why instead of being so angry with her and thinking, you’re better than hurt. Oh, I’m talking to old. Thank you Holy Spirit, because some of y’all, y’all got parent hurt. You mad at how your parents handled certain situations and before you become too judgmental, wait till your kids grow up. They going to say the same thing about you. If you don’t change it while you wound out here thinking you so perfect and you’re doing things so good, your children right now despise the way you operate, but you don’t know it because you’re trying to do the best you can. Your mama had situations she had to overcome and you do too. You don’t get to have a trauma fe like who told you you wasn’t going to have no pain? Who told you that it was your mama and daddy’s responsibility to erase all of your hurt? You got to handle that yourself.

It’s your job to handle your hurt and you don’t get to be mad until you 60 because of what somebody did to you when you were six. Help me. Holy Ghost.