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Pastor Keion Henderson is the lead pastor of The Lighthouse Church in Houston, Texas Lighthouse is an organization that serves the body of Christ through our 5 pillars. We always ANTICIPATE a move of God in every experience, so we constantly set a great ATMOSPHERE, and we ACCEPT everyone through love. We believe the best way to impact people is by being AUTHENTIC to who we are and by taking ACTION to move everyone towards greater.

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Pastor Keion (00:21):
Hey everybody. Welcome to another episode of Take Action. I am Pastor Keion, I give leadership to the Lighthouse Church and I am so grateful to be what many of you all call me your online pastor. It is just like a joy. I get a chance to meet you in airports and restaurants all around the world and in this nation and we get a chance to share our stories and I’m so grateful that we get to spend this time together. I’m going to start right off with our Miracle Report and those of you all who watched the message on Sunday, how did I get here during the offertory period and the Miracle Report on Sunday? I stopped talking just for a moment about the 30 million and the 80,000 and the 260,000 because there are a lot of you who are not having those type of miracles, but you’re having small victories and I wanted to reverse it and give God homage for what’s happening in your life.

And we talked about the $396 Miracle and we talked about the $548 miracle and we’re just elated that God is doing anything. We are literally, and I’m doing the calculations if I can, we are literally 23,000 some odd dollars and some change away from $45 million. This is amazing. And so we’ve got about five weeks left in this year, in 2023 at the time of this recording, believe today is November 28th, 2023. If you’re watching it live, if you watch it later, obviously the date will be different. We’re just about $5 million away from accomplishing $50 million worth of miracles in three months. That’s literally, I don’t want to call it insane. It’s God, it’s crazy. And so I have no doubt we’re going to reach our goal of a hundred million. I have no doubt that God is going to continue to bless your lives and what’s happening now on our Miracle Report is the amount of people who are saying the debt disappeared is decreasing and the amount of people saying, I got checks in the mail is increasing.

So watch this only 16,000, and when I say only, it’s because it’s all of us together. Only $16,617 has been reported. That doesn’t mean that’s all God has done has been reported for debt cancellation, but watch this, refunds and checks received 165,000. So you see how, God remember when I told you that you were going to go from the debt elimination to the receiving of funds because God is erasing the debt. Then he’s turning around and turning you into the lender. So we’re excited about our Miracle Report. Listen, I know that some of you all may be new to this, so let me explain it to those of you all who are just coming to us. They’re getting ready to put up a QR code right now. That QR code is your testimony link. I want you to click that link or take a picture of that code, click that link and tell us what God has done for you in the area of financial stability, debt cancellation checks received in the mail.

We want to give a full report just like the spies did when they were in the land spying out the promised land. We want to be able to report the size of the grapes. We want to be able to report the size of the giants. We want to be able to tell everybody how good God is in our promised land. So get that link, click that code, send us your testimony and we will add your name to our miracle report. Now I’m getting ready to talk to you. This is a two-part series. Over the next four weeks, I’m going to concise and consolidate all of the messages for 25 minutes. Reason why I’m going to do that is I know you’re going to be busy during the holiday season and it’s to play on the 25 days of Christmas, but I want you to check in real quick, get 25 minutes of the word go back to being with family and friends are on vacation, but we still want to make sure that the word of God is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

I’m going to talk to you over the next two weeks and it’s 50 total minutes in two weeks, 25, 25 of empowerment, and I’m calling this and I want you to write this down. I’m going to give you the 10 money lessons that are in the Bible that are going to take you to the next dimension. None of these are probably in your purview. There is nothing in here that says I go get a 401k and stack it for 10 years and with compounding interest, this will be the yield. None of that is in here. Everything listen to me, everything that I’m getting ready to tell you to do is free.

Nobody has ever told you how to amass wealth free. There may be one out of the 10 that will take even a cent out of your pocket that’s not old. Now, there are going to be a couple of things that you’re going to have to do, but I’m talking about things that are not old. There’s only going to be one thing in 10 lessons that’s going to cost you something that you don’t currently owe. Are you ready? I’m going to make a statement and I want you to hear it because this statement is going to set up the lesson. Wealth is not money, although it is I should say just money. Today I want you to change your frame of mind and I want you to hear four words. Wealth is a responsibility if you don’t get anything else. I said today I only have 18 minutes, so you’re going to have to pay attention.

Wealth is in fact a responsibility. Okay? Now the Bible says a lot about wealth and we’re going to talk about it. And if you are already wealthy, and I mean that in the sense of peace, money, happiness, joy, whatever you consider wealth, the Bible says that you are meant to build God’s kingdom, not just your own empire. And this is a very, very fine line and something that’s majorly important as it relates to getting to the next dimension of finances because most of us are thinking about building our own empires and there is nothing wrong with wanting to build your own empire, but not at the expense of building the kingdom. Jesus said not to be anxious for anything he says, but instead seek ye first what the kingdom of God. This is Matthew chapter six, verse 31, the kingdom of God and its righteousness and his righteousness and everything, all other things shall be what added unto you. So I am kingly, kingly, wealthy, not for the purposes of building my empire, but for the purposes of attributing to the kingdom. So again, let me say wealth is a responsibility. I should be saying it this way. Wealth is a kingdom responsibility.

In fact, in the scripture, wealth being a responsibility is referred to this is a word that you probably heard in church somewhere before. It’s called stewardship. Have you ever heard that word? So wealth is a stewardship and what is stewardship? Stewardship is trusting that God listen, has blessed you to be a blessing and that he will continue to bless you as long as you continue to be a blessing. That’s exactly like really just rung out of the rag brass tacks basic definition of stewardship. It’s trusting. It’s trusting God, trusting that he has blessed me, okay? And then trusting that not only has he caused me to be a blessing, but realizing that he will continue to bless me as long as I continue to be a blessing. So our job is not to keep what God has given us. If you want to become wealthy so you can have, it won’t come in the way that we’re talking about.

Our job isn’t to keep our job. I’m going to tell you three things. Your job is to work hard, your job is to invest well and your job is to give generously. That’s your job. Should I say it again, I’m telling you is so simple, but this is going to change the game. If you’re up for this new information, you got to work hard, you’ve got to invest well and you must give generously. Now, you probably won’t find the King James version of the Bible in the business or the personal finance section of a bookstore, but I promise you that there is no book on the planet that has more to say about how to amass and gain wealth other than the Bible and those bibles or I should say those books that you do read, a majority of them have duplicated the lessons of Solomon from the book of Proverbs and have masqueraded it as new information, but it is all biblical principles. So are you ready for the 10 money lessons in scripture? Are you ready? All right, I don’t believe you. So team, I need you all to look and make sure that the people in the chat are saying, I’m ready. I need you to find it.

Alright, make sure that they’re putting, I’m ready. I want to see, I’m ready in all caps, I want to see it with fire emoji on the backside of it, I want to see it with clapping hands, raised hands, gorillas. I don’t care what you put in there. I want you to set this chat on fire and let me know that you are ready for the 10 things that the Bible says about money because I’m about to get you out of the money trap. If you’re ready, say I’m ready. I want to hear you scream through the internet. I don’t care if you’re in the beauty salon and you’re listening to this on your headphones, I want you to scare the beautician and just shout, I’m ready. She might say Ready for what? But I just need you to say it. I don’t care where you are driving in the car. If I’m in your cup holder right now on your iPad, if I’m on your computer wherever I am, if I’m on your television, I need you to find some kind of way to respond. I’m ready. Alright, I see y’all setting it on fire right now. Alright, here is the first money lesson I told you it won’t even cost you anything. This is free. You ready?

Two words, avoid greed. This is free. This is free. I’m setting you up psychologically so when it’s in your hand, you won’t have the wrong habits. Avoid greed. I’m going to give you three scriptures. Matthew 25, excuse me, Matthew Mark 10 and 25. Let me slow down. Mark 10 and 25. The second one will be one Timothy six and nine and the third will be James five and one, mark 10 25, 1 Timothy six and nine, James five and one. Here’s Mark 10 25. You’ve heard this before. Alright, let’s say it together. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle that’s right than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

That’s the first one. Now, what is the eye of the needle? The eye of the needle was a hole in the gate, not literally the tip of a thumbtack or a pen, not that kind of needle. The eye of the needle in Jerusalem. There’s a hole in the gate. It was used for passage for trading and in those days it was like a tunnel that a camel would have to go through in order to get the goods into the city, but because of the size of the hole in the gate, if you overloaded a camel with too much merchandise, the camel couldn’t get through the eye. So you had to take all of the stuff off of the camel, allow the camel to walk through a crawl through and then bring the goods in behind him. Here’s the idea. When the Bible says it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter in the kingdom of God is basically saying that sometimes you can be so inundated and packed with stuff that you forget that you still got to get in, that you can be so concerned about the merchandise that we call it hoarding.

You’re trying to take everything you’ve ever gotten with you and sometimes in order to enter the portal until the next level, you have to be stripped of that which you came with so that you can go forward without it.

Then watch God add these things under you. You see how it works? Let’s go to one Timothy six and nine, just avoiding greed. You don’t have to take everything with you. One Timothy six and nine says, but that will be rich fail into temptation and snare and into many foolish and hurtful lust which drown men in destruction and perdition. You’ve got to understand that the love of money produces greed and God doesn’t do well with greed. Alright, let’s look at James five and one. I’m going to give you so many scriptures that you’ll be able to be a Bible scholar on this after this lesson because this is such a hard subject, especially being a minister where there is a cloud hanging over our profession that all we care about is money and the preacher is trying to do this. I’m going to throw so many scriptures at you that if you get mad about this you’re going to have to take it up with God.

I’m going to take the burden of proof off of my shoulders. I’m going to give very little opinion. I’m going to give very little innuendo. I’m going to give very little ad-lib. I’m going give you very little of me. I’m going to throw, I’ve got at least 30. I’m going to throw so many scriptures at you that you’re going to throw the Bible down. James five and one says, go to now. Ye rich men weep and how for your miseries shall come up on you. You’ve got to understand that money changes the mind and God doesn’t throw a lot of money at a mind that isn’t kingdom oriented. It doesn’t mean that people who are not kingdom oriented don’t have resources, but for those of us in the kingdom, we get ours from God and only what you do for Christ will last. Okay? I’m talking about longevity. I want you to avoid greed at all costs. Don’t be greedy. The Bible calls it gluttony. Don’t be greedy. This is not just about how much food you eat. This is about the overindulgence in things that are accessible to you. God doesn’t want you to be greedy. He wants you to be generous and generosity is the opposite of greed. Number two, I told you I’m going to throw ’em at you real quick.

Reduce your debt. Reduce your debt. I’m going to give you a scripture. Proverbs 22 and seven, I’m going to throw scripture after scripture after scripture at you. Proverbs 22 and seven. The rich rules over the poor and the borrower is servant or slave to who? To the lender. The more debt you have, the worse off you are as it relates to servanthood. If you are under immense debt, especially debt that’s associated with goods and services, you are a slave to it. You are a slave to your Macy’s card. You are a slave to your bed, bath and beyond card. You are a slave to that Victoria’s secret card. You are a slave to visa, MasterCard. They are the masters because the person who has the money leaves with the experience and the person with the experience leaves with the money. You’ve got to reduce your debt. I’m going to give you a scripture. This one is going to shock you like electricity. It’s Proverbs 22 and 26. This is going to be a jolt like maybe a mind shock, but I want you to alter how you think Proverbs 22 and 26 be not thou one of them that strike hands or of them that are sureties of debt. In other words, be careful about how quickly you grab stuff.

How many of y’all have striking hands? Want to get to the mall? Got to have it. Got to have it. Got to have it. Just got to have it. Got to have it. Got to have it. Go to the grocery store, got to have it, got to have it and before you know it, you have so much got to have it that you ain’t got it. They’ll tell you stuff like this. If you get this now, we will defer payments for 12 months. What they didn’t tell you is that they have been accumulating interest the entire 12 months and if you don’t pay it off in the first 12 months, then you have to pay all of the interest that accumulated during the 12 months, which means if you don’t pay it off prior to you’ve done nothing at all because every dime you would’ve paid would’ve gone towards the interest and you still have the principle left.

This is happening to you on your washer machine and dryer. This is happening to you on your television. This is happening to some of you on the couch you’re sitting on right now. They knew for sure that you were not going to be able to pay that debt off before the timeframe was up. You’re going to have to learn that sometimes you might have to put a pallet on the floor to be out of debt. Sometimes you might not be able to host Thanksgiving to stay out of debt. You may not be able to have the family over for Christmas to stay out of debt. Who are you trying to impress? I want you to improve your circumstances rather than to impress your critics. Okay? Avoid debt. Alright, here’s number three. Say I haven’t even cost you anything yet. I’ve not even asked you for anything. I’ve only asked you to change your behavior. If a man’s going to be changed, where’s he going to be changed by the renewing of his mind. Number two, I only got four minutes. You better wake up, save more money.

Save more money over the last decade. The Federal Reserve says that the savings account of the average of American, the average American has dropped so much that we’ve actually been in a recession for the last 10 years because the opposite of appreciation is depression or recession. Economic downturn. The average savers account is solo that we’ve been in a recession for the better part of a decade now, if you don’t like that and I told you I’m not throwing innuendo, I’m going to give you another scripture about saving First Corinthians chapter 16 verse two offers this advice for people to stick with a savings plan on the first day of every week. Each of you should put aside and save. It’s no more simple than that.

I didn’t say that. I didn’t say that. The Bible says it. He says that you should put aside and save as you may prosper so that no collection can be made when he comes. God wants you debt free when he comes back. I don’t care if you save a dime, a dollar, 5 cents, $20, a hundred dollars on the first day of the week. Save. Pastor, I don’t have anything to save. Well, I gave you two lessons to get there before. If you reduce debt and avoid greed, then you can move into the second phase and that is saving more money.

Now I’m going to add this one in. It’s going to sound redundant, but it is one and the same. Remember I said reduce your debt. They about to throw me off the internet right now. This is where some of y’all going to turn me off. Lemme look at my fingernails. My manicure is still good. All of the non-serious people. This is where you’re going to turn the TV off. This is where you’re going to lose battery life. This is where you’re going to get busy on your boy. This one. Are you ready? Is y’all, you said you wanted to take action.

I can’t even look at y’all because I know you’re going to have attitude. Alright, is this number four? I think it’s number four. Pay your debt. Get the camera out of my face. I don’t want hit. I’m going to go back to the wide shot so y’all can’t see me up close. Pay your bills. I got Bible. Psalms 37 and two says the wicked borrows and doesn’t pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives. Did you not know that God gets upset when you don’t pay your bills? It is like making a contract and not keeping it. God hates debt so much that he actually calls sin, debt. Go reach your Bible. He makes debt and sin synonyms. All of us have spiritual debt that we cannot pay, but the Bible tells us God has paid what the debt and he canceled the payment due for our sins and instead accepted the payment through his son Jesus Christ, who he provided for us as a payment on the cross.

That’s Colossians two and 14 all in the Bible. And then the Bible says in Colossians two and 13 that God grants this freedom to all who choose to follow him. Grant, grant money, free money, money that you don’t have to pay back to pay a debt that you owe, pay your bills. God loves paying bills so much that he pays bills that are not his. He paid your bill. He paid my bill, he paid your mother’s bill, paid my mother’s bill, paid your son’s bill, your daughter’s bill, your grandmother. He’s been paying bills since the beginning. He paid Adam and Eve’s bill in the garden.

Last one because I got to go. I’m at 26 minutes and I’m going to say this and we’re going to pick right back up here next week. Cliffhanger, you ready? Pay. Pay your taxes. That’s enough for this week’s lesson on take action. We’re going to pick up right here. I’m even going to show you in the Bible where it is biblical to pay your taxes. They’re getting ready to put a given instructions up on the screen right now. I’m actually getting ready to teach you part two of this for next week. So I want you, those of you all, I’m going to watch the numbers to see if y’all really scared or if y’all really serious. When I check the numbers, I should see the same amount of people showing back up next week to finish the top money lessons that the Bible gives us. Pay attention to those giving instructions. I want you to be generous. I’ll see you next week. God bless you.

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