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Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee & Pastor Keion D. Henderson invite you to the Faith Community COVID-19 Testing Initiative held at The Lighthouse Church of Houston. There will be special giveaways and mask distribution.

Come out tomorrow August 8th from 9AM – 4PM CST
or August 10th at 9AM – 4PM CST

(Press Conference 10:30AM CST on 8/10)

The LightHouse Church is located at
6650 Rankin Road Humble, TX 77396

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    What began in 2009 as a church with less than 100 members has grown to a thriving congregation of more than 10,000 members who attend weekly worship experiences across four satellite campuses of The Lighthouse Church. Recognized around the world for its unwavering commitment to global evangelism, philanthropy and missions, The Lighthouse Church continues to empower countless lives for the glory of God.

    The Lighthouse Church of Houston is abuzz with a spectrum of activities. For the experience of one of the best family churches in Houston join the Lighthouse church each week for two life-changing services on Sundays at 9am and 11am and mid-week bible study on Tuesdays at 7pm. There’s something for everyone at The Lighthouse Church of Houston. From vibrant worship and word to growing ministries and exciting children and youth ministries during each service, you will find everything.

    With so many good sermons to preach about, one certainly doesn’t have any restriction on choice because seeing as how there are simply so many subjects to discuss, one can possibly say that there won’t be any stop to sermons at all. Besides, repetition is key to certain understanding and with sermons, one can comprehend the depth that it tries to reference and this becomes possible when sermons of the same topic are discussed more frequently. Hence, same or different, the sermons do make a change and this is something that is needed, in the end as we all are in need of some soul-searching and spiritualness has often been the most-favored answer for that!

    Identification of spiritualness becomes easy after a point in time, but to make it interesting, one has to have the profound understanding and also, the strength of communication, and effective communication as well. This becomes possible through listening to Keion Henderson Sermons as he guides the best (and worst) of us to light and glory. Sermons, therefore, do help to bring about a change as we have seen up above with the motivation that it brings about as well. Hence, all one needs to do is to simply not miss Sunday school, in the end.

    There’s nothing more beautiful than people of different cultures getting together, it shows how people have evolved over time from their prejudices. There’s even a term for this subject and that is Multi-Cultural Ministries. These Ministries join hands religiously both literally and figuratively to bring together harmony. Today, we will see how it goes hand-in-hand in detail and understand all there is to know about this subject

    A good thing to know is that these Ministries are growing all over and in a global context, it is actually good because this is truly needed to bring out the best in people. Growing Ministries will, therefore, not only help to put the negativity behind everyone but will also bring out the positivity that one generally looks forward to. It is meaningful to know that these subjects are finally coming to know about and awareness it the first thing that helps, in the end. Taking the Multi-Cultural Ministries Houston as an example, we can come to understand how the subject has affected so much. The sight of people gathered together for a sermon depicts one of the beautiful things that one could possibly ponder of.

    Indeed the churches are like the superhero that offers the opportunity and concrete ways to change your life starting today. Churches in Houston TX provides more programs to and help people in need than lots of other organizations combined.

    Local Christian Churches is a mega church in Houston, Texas, the USA that has a participation of more than 63,000. Its chief minister is Dr. Ed Young. Second Baptist Church is lined up with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, which split far from the Baptist General Convention of Texas in 1998. A 2008 overview by Outreach magazine gave participation at 23,659. In 2009 normal week by week participation was 22,723, making it the biggest Baptist church in the nation and the fifth biggest church

    Online Church Sermons incorporates diverse parts of Christian people group on the web, particularly by the individuals who see this marvel as a subset of rising church, the creating articulations of the confidence in connection to culture change.

    Vibrant Worship highlights “dynamic articulations of God’s affection, and an entire scope of discussions that are both mission and peaceful” and “An unwavering love pioneer amplifies the enormity of God in Jesus Christ through the intensity of the Holy Spirit by skillfully consolidating God’s Word with music, along these lines rousing the assembled church to broadcast the gospel, to appreciate God’s quality, and to live for God’s grandness.”

    Short Bible Sermons are part of LH Houston Church since it is not that your leaders and students could not just study on their own, but your leaders may not have the time to go out and prepare on their own to teach a Bible study from scratch. Plus this will help them stay more focused as well as having your ministry focused on a more singular vision.

    Local Christian Churches are the best means by which one can get together during the weekend and meet other members of our religious community. It is but natural for Christians to seek solace with people of the same religion to share their thoughts, their joys and sorrows. Apart from this you need to give your mind a bit of rest from the daily routine and this can best be provided by the silent and peaceful atmosphere of a church.

    Residents of Houston Texas can now spend their weekends in meeting other members of their religious communities and at the same time purify their soul through prayer and worship in the local churches. They must visit Christian Churches in Houston and spend some time to recall the words of God and know more about the divine healing powers of God. The extra load on your conscience can easily be lifted in the confines of a Church after you have confessed your sins in the presence of the Lord.

    Churches in Houston TX will fulfill your purpose if you are looking for a body of fellow believers in Jesus Christ. You can begin with faith and prayer. Assuming that you’re looking for more than the mentioned tradition and socializing with the Houston, Texas community, don’t leave God out of the equation. If He has commanded his children to meet with fellow believers, you must ascertain that you make your decision confident that He wants you to find a Church home even more than you do.

    Start searching online and you will find Churches Near My Location. It is easier to find church now with internet and tools available to find churches at different locations around Houston, Texas. The best way to make a choice on Church in Houston, Texas is to combine the both merge prayer and common sense. Use what you have learned during your search, questioning, and church visiting, along with seeking God through prayer to decide on a Church.

    Pentecostal Churches in Houston enjoys certain reputation among the various different Christian churches today. The Pentecostal church came from another Christian denomination, and there is no one founder of Pentecostalism, but several influences that grouped together to form the basic ideas and beliefs – from several different denominations. The basic belief of Pentecostals is that of the foursquare gospel, or four fundamental beliefs.

    Since faith comes by hearing the word of God Online Church Sermons is a way to increase your faith. According to the bible way to increase your faith, is by hearing the word of God. Many people do not realize that faith is a very specialized thing. If people need life skills then they should listen to leaders preaching sermons on life skills. If people need leadership qualities they should listen to someone preaching on skills development. It is all about listening to them preach to get healed and miracles happened. Because you listen to sermons on a specific topic you have developed faith for that subject.

    If a person needs life skills and business acumen they should listen to someone preach God’s Word on these skills. This will develop their faith and in turn increase their skills. Many times people listening to Good Sermons to Preach notice that their life is changing for good. The Bible tells us in 3 John 2 “beloved above all things it is my wish for you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers”. By this verse alone we know beyond doubt that it is God’s will for us to prosper and be in health.

    Family Churches in Houston offers the highest motivation. Pastor Keion Henderson is greatly privileged and undertakes an awesome responsibility to lead a local church. God wouldn’t have placed you where you are if he didn’t believe you could handle the task before you. With God, nothing is impossible. Personal relationship with the Pastor is possible at Lighthouse Church. Many times in very large churches you don’t have the opportunity to get to know your pastor or pastors as individuals. They often appear on the platform and perhaps at the door on your way out.

    There is family atmosphere in Christian Churches in Houston. Often, coming to church is reminiscent of a family reunion with people greeting each other throughout the service. You also have the opportunity to know each individual’s needs and prayer requests which strengthens the bond of the church family.

    You can reach out to the church and listen to sermons or listen to short sermons online. For midweek bible study you can include sermons in your life. You can also start to listen to sermons for groups as it is a great way to take story and tie it to the message for the day. This works with adults as well kids. People don’t always remember facts and figures, but they remember stories. Everyone loves a great story. Don’t be afraid to tell a story to begin your sermon.

    Explore the churches In Houston TX & online church sermons events at the Christian churches In Houston. Go for Pastor Keion Henderson sermons and make plans to attend the leadership conference in Humble Churches in Houston.

    You will find Churches near My Location in Houston for every ministry requires favor with God and favor with man. The ministry needs favour with God in order to be able to tap his divine resource and it also needs favour with men so that it has a place to release that divine resource from God effectively. It is possible to have favor with God and not with man. It is also possible to have the favour of man and not have the favour of God. Favour is needed in both areas for effective ministry to be released.

    Pentecostal churches in Houston are known or want to be known as “Bible Christians”, “Bible believing churches”, and doing the whole thing using the Bible as the sole Authority in Christian matters. Every minute of their days are spent reading the scriptures. All scriptures is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults and giving instruction for right living.

    The major part of Short Bible Sermons itself comes between the singing/prayer request and the end singing. The sermon’s topic is chosen by the preacher or pastor and can last anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Baptist preachers are known more for going with what they feel they need to say rather than a manuscript of a written sermon in front of them. The sermon is often very emotionally charged and quite exciting, and it is an integral part of Baptist church services just like it is with any other type of church.

    Midweek Bible Study is essential, necessary or desirable. Though you are busy on Sundays and have family commitments you will be surprised at the extent to which involved in church life for a long time brings changes. The Church is always the people of God, not a building or organization. We are encouraged to meet together for prayer, fellowship, teaching and the breaking of bread.

    People attending Houston Northwest Church love their community. They serve their community. They live in their community. They have deep relationships in their community moreover it is healthy church where church members are expected to serve, to give, to be in small groups, and to be accountable to others.

    The fact is that people are going through the period where they are suffering from immense problems like health disease, financial circumstances, family conflict, and much more. Instead of visiting churches or other worship places, they keep them busy for other tasks or sorting them itself. The fact is that church is the best place to connect to God. God listen, everyone, every time. For this, people need to come to get his blessings frequently. There is a midweek Bible study option that offers the people the ways to come out from negative vibes that have been grabbed by them for a prolonged time. With the thoughts of the Bible, they can get the paths which they need to follow to come out from bad situations. That’s why people or tourist while in Houston used to visit the Light House in Houston. If you are living in Houston or new to it, then it is requested to get the blessings of God by visiting this Houston Northwest Church.

    Christianity should be spread and the more you spread the more you grow. Ask your true devotees to bring in their relatives and friends, let them also come with you and be a part of this glorious mission. Let everyone pray for the people who have joined them for the first time. Make use of human empowerment. Let everyone pray for the new members. Let them feel wanted, let them feel enlightened too. Tell the members to think of one person who is not present, let them pray for them too and tell the Lord to forgive his wrong deeds. Next, tell each person to contact the person in their prayer to call them and join them in the next sermon.

    The Gospel of Christ should be relevant to them and it should hit them hard then, of course, they will visit Church more often. We need to show unreached people that Church has all the answers for their questions. It is the Church who will show them the right path to conquer every problem that they are facing. The Church should pass on the Human Stewardship message to every unreached people accordingly.

    Keion Henderson Leadership

    Our Mission

    Our CALL

    We are moving towards greater,
    Turning away no one,
    Expanding every person,
    Setting a great Atmosphere,
    Accepting others through love,
    Being authentic to who we are,
    Anticipating the presence of God in every experience.
    This is our call to action

    Our Vision


    As I move towards greater, I will accept all divine ideas,
    thoughts or concepts that will connect me to my destiny.
    I believe that what Jesus Christ has done for me, is
    bigger than what anyone has, can and will do to me.
    Because of His full gift, I will lend to many
    nations and will borrow from none.

    Keion Henderson Leadership

    Meet Pastor Keion

    Keion Henderson is the founder and Senior Pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in America, The Lighthouse Church of Houston.  His ministry spans the globe, having ministered around the world to audiences across the US and abroad in London and Africa.  He was called to ministry in 1995 at the age of 14, just prior to his freshman year of high school. He attended Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne in his home state of Indiana, and quickly distinguished himself as an athlete and campus leader.   His commitment to excellence has earned him numerous awards and distinctions for athletics, leadership, philanthropy, missions and ministry.

    From Affliction To Abundance

    From Affliction To Abundance

    Dealing With Difficult People

    Dealing With Difficult People

    Detained By Destiny

    Detained By Destiny

    Strategies For Stress

    Strategies For Stress




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